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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
21-Apr-2016An experimental study of the performance of high school students of low average and high creativity as a function of the instructional media and learning tasks in PhysicsSharma, Rajendra DuttBhushan, Anand
15-Apr-2016Classroom interaction patterns in relation to some teacher characteristics and their effect on learning outcomes of Science students at high school levelBedi, SangeetaBhushan, Anand
18-Apr-2016Computer application in teaching physics and its effect on general and scientific creativity in relation to intelligence S E S and attitude towards mediaNasiri, Sayed Hassan MortazaviBhushan, Anand
12-Apr-2016Effect of individual and cooperative learning in computer education on performance at knowledge skill and application categories in relation to cognitive stylesNeyshabour, Roya RahmaniBhushan, Anand
15-Apr-2016Effect of individualised single feedback correctives in mastery learning of life skills in relation to learning approachesSharma, MeenaBhushan, Anand
15-Apr-2016Effect of mastery learning strategies on the learning outcome of secondary students in relation to stressSharma, ReenaBhushan, Anand
18-Apr-2016Effect of parental interaction and educational intervention for optimizing the integrated development of pre school childrenSeth, PoonamBhushan, Anand
13-Apr-2016Effect of strategies for inculcation of democratic values among adolescents in relation to introversion extraversion and value related behavioural typesChinara, BenudharBhushan, Anand
15-Apr-2016Effectiveness of an integrated system of instruction for concept and principle learning in different school climates at secondary levelMehra, VandanaBhushan, Anand
15-Apr-2016Effectiveness of co operative mastery learning strategy for science process skills among primary school children in relation to parental involvementKaur, HardarshanBhushan, Anand
11-Apr-2016Effectiveness of instruction in Science at the secondary stage with and without computersSikand, DeepaBhushan, Anand
11-Apr-2016Effectiveness of video cassettes in an educational technology course for undergraduate student teachers of engineering technologyNapapongs, WichaiBhushan, Anand
21-Apr-2016Evaluation of curriculum for non formal functional education programmes level 4 5 in ThailandNgamprakhon, Phra SinBhushan, Anand
12-Apr-2016Impact of democratic process on teacher job satisfaction and pupil achievement in relation to institutional climate of senior secondary schoolsKumar, VinodBhushan, Anand
13-Apr-2016Integration of value orientation in secondary teacher training courses and its impact on the corresponding cognito affective teaching behaviourPal, SimaBhushan, Anand
25-Apr-2016Performance of high school students in Biology as a function of personality types and instructional designs for concept and rule learningKhanam, RokeyaBhushan, Anand
15-Apr-2016Role of advance organiser in learning and retention with respect to cognitive style and learning types in geographyMehar, RamBhushan, Anand
11-Apr-2016Study of the process of lower secondary school curriculum implementation and its impact upon school efficiencyPongprot, PeerapanBhushan, Anand
15-Apr-2016Sustainable changes relevant to community and school needs in curricular input and transaction modes of elementary teacher educationChandra, RekhaBhushan, Anand
15-Apr-2016Sustained changes through innovations and their impact on the professional development of working elementary school teachersPani, AmarendraBhushan, Anand