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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
14-May-2015Decay and thermaoluminescence studies of CaS : Gd, Ce phosphorsAterkar, S GBhawalkar, D R
14-May-2015Decay and thermoluminescence studies of CaS : Bi, Gd phosphorsSheel, OmBhawalkar, D R
14-May-2015Decay and thermoluminescence studies of CaS Cr, Zr phosphorsDubey, M KBhawalkar, D R
22-Apr-2015Decay and thermoluminescence studies of CaS:Di, Sm phosphorsCherian, C ABhawalkar, D R
3-Mar-2015Decay and thermoluminescence study of Cas Bi Zr phosphorsSahgal, PrakashBhawalkar, D R
24-Apr-2015Effect of flux borax on BaS:Cu borax phosphorsRazdan, K NBhawalkar, D R
14-May-2015Effect of poison Fe on CaS :Bi phosphorsWlunjkar, P GBhawalkar, D R
14-May-2015Emission and decay characteristics of CaS:Bi Zr phosphorKhan, MBhawalkar, D R
22-Apr-2015Luminescence of cas :zr :di phosphorsMalhotra, Bal RajBhawalkar, D R
22-Apr-2015Luminescence of phosphors prepared with multiple activatorsGupta, Chandra shekharBhawalkar, D R
14-May-2015Luminescence spectra of some alkaline earth sulphidesSwami, M SBhawalkar, D R
22-Apr-2015Preparation and properties of doubly rare earth activated alkaline earth sulphide phosphors CaS :Ce,DiSingh, DeviBhawalkar, D R
14-May-2015Preparation of CaS:Ce phosphors and their photoluminescence studiesAbhyankar, M DBhawalkar, D R
20-Apr-2015Solid state studies in high polymers with special reference to polyethylene and polymethyl methacrylateSrivastava, A PBhawalkar, D R
14-May-2015Some aspects of SrS : Bi Na2 So4 iii phosphors with special reference to their x:ray diffraction studyBhawalkar, H RBhawalkar, D R
14-May-2015Spectrochemical study of plants soils and rocksParasuramaiah, PaladuguBhawalkar, D R
22-Apr-2015Studies in electretBhatnagar, Chaitanya SwaroopBhawalkar, D R
22-Apr-2015Studies in luminescence of CaS: Zr: Ce Na2 So phosphorsNaigaonkar, C KBhawalkar, D R
14-May-2015Studies in luminescence of CaS:Zr:Sm phosphorsKshirsagar, P GBhawalkar, D R
14-May-2015Studies in solid state physics with special reference to electret effectPillai, K CBhawalkar, D R