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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
22-Sep-2017Application of a few tetravalent metal oxides for the uptake of several tracer cations radionuclide generators parent daughter separations and as radioisotope immobilizersDutta, Niranjan ChandraBhattacharyya, D K
20-Jun-2017Development of methods for analysis of oils fats and their productsMukhopadhyay, SulekhaBhattacharyya, D K
10-Jul-2017Human resource cost as a competitive factor for organisational growth a study of some selected large manufacturing organisations in KolkataBiswas, Sunil KumarBhattacharyya, D K
15-Jun-2017Lipid and non lipid constituents of oil bearing materialsSarkar, SarmilaBhattacharyya, D K
15-Jun-2017Lipid composition of Indian crudes and ancient sedimentsHamza, S M AmirBhattacharyya, D K
21-Jun-2017Nutritional quality of some natural and modified fatsMajumdar, SagarikaBhattacharyya, D K
9-Oct-2017Role of a few synthetic inorganic cation exchangers in studying radiochemically the adsorption of different tracer cations and some parent daughter radioisotope separationsD E, AmitabhaBhattacharyya, D K
11-Oct-2017Separation of a few carrier free daughter isotopes from their respective mothers by using suitable inorganic ion exchangersBasu, SukalyanBhattacharyya, D K
21-Jun-2017Solvent interesterification reaction of fatsSen, GourBhattacharyya, D K
12-Jul-2017Studies of lipase catalysed process technologies in making certain fatty acid derivatives for better utilisationsBasu, SuparnaBhattacharyya, D K
25-Jul-2017Studies on biochemical aspects of some lipid derivativesRay, SaradiaBhattacharyya, D K
11-Jul-2017Studies on chemical and biochemical aspects of some natural and modified fatsKar, KalpanaBhattacharyya, D K
24-Jul-2017Studies on chemical and biochemical transformations of some terpene derivativesBagchi, TanayaBhattacharyya, D K
21-Jun-2017Studies on dietary effects of some proteins and lipids on serum and hepatic lipid profilesSen, MalabikaBhattacharyya, D K
27-Jul-2017Studies on enzymatic modification of some polar and non polar lipids for better utilisationBasu, MahuyaBhattacharyya, D K
21-Jun-2017Studies on fats in relation to some pharmaceutical aspectsBiswas, SamitaBhattacharyya, D K
20-Jun-2017Studies on hydroxy fatty acid derivativesChattopadhyay, BuddhadebBhattacharyya, D K
21-Jun-2017Studies on interesterification reactions of fats and fatty derivativesBandyopadhyay, KrishnaBhattacharyya, D K
11-Jul-2017Studies on isolation and utilisation of lipids and lipase of microbial originBandyopadhyay, SanghamitraBhattacharyya, D K
27-Jul-2017Studies on lipid and non lipid constituents as occurring in certain oil bearing materialsBandhu, ChhandasriBhattacharyya, D K