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12-May-2017A Study of Urban development and its future prospects in SikkimBoot, Debi prasadBhattacharya, B
20-Jun-2017Cultural and nutritional management of hybrid rice grown in dry season on gangetic entisol soilMaiti, Prasanta KumarBhattacharya, B
8-May-2017Cultural tourism in the Awadh region with special reference to Lucknow a study in tourism and recreation geographySingh, ShaliniBhattacharya, B
23-Feb-2017Demographic profile and changing occupational character and economic status of the Santals of Birbhum districtPrasasti, GhoshBhattacharya, B
25-Jul-2017Effect of slow release nitrogenous fertilisers on rice and wheat in relation to their release patternChakraborty, AshisBhattacharya, B
21-Jun-2017Effects of nitrogen and micronutrients on root and leaf protein yields of root crops in gangetic alluvium soilBagchi, Dipak KumarBhattacharya, B
12-May-2017Functional classification and hierarchy of settlements in North BengalGhosh, MitraBhattacharya, B
23-Feb-2017Investigation on some of the physical processes occuring in glow and arc discharge plasmaAcharyya, ChandanaBhattacharya, B
28-Jul-2017Response of crops and weeds to herbicides with special reference to oxyfluorfenBhattacharyya, ManikBhattacharya, B
23-Feb-2017Rural settlement geography of the district of jalpaiguri in North Bengal West BengalBarua, Radhika CharanBhattacharya, B
20-Jun-2017Studies on agronomy of cigar tobacco in the eastern region of IndiaTripathi, Shesh NathBhattacharya, B
26-Jul-2017Studies on agronomy of jute crop in eastern region of IndiaGupta, Shri KrishnaBhattacharya, B
16-Jun-2017Studies on agronomy of sunflower fertilizer management plant population and irrigation under Gangetic alluvial soil conditionsChakraborty, Timir BaranBhattacharya, B
21-Jun-2017Studies on agronomy of sunflower its cultural practices and water requirement for alluvial and lateritic soils of Eastern IndiaBasu, BiplabBhattacharya, B
21-Jun-2017Studies on crop production in coastal saline soilBiswas, Chitta RanjanBhattacharya, B
20-Mar-2019Studies on modification of working electrode for dye sensitized solar cellsJadhav, Nitin AppaBhattacharya, B
10-Jul-2017Studies on nutritional and cultural requirements of cigar wrapper tobacco N tabacum L in West BengalSingh, Bare LalBhattacharya, B
25-Jul-2017Studies on the effects of zinc on growth and yield of rice grown on Gangetic alluvial soilSarkar, Santi RanjanBhattacharya, B
23-Feb-2017The Role of urban centre in the development of regional economy of North BengalMitra, NitaBhattacharya, B