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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
15-Jun-2017A comparative study on certain biological and immunological aspects of different pathogenic forms of Leishmania of Indian originGhosh, Anil KumarBhattacharya, Amal
11-Oct-2017A study on some biochemical aspects of Leishmania donovani promastigote stage developmentChakrabarti, PinakiranjanBhattacharya, Amal
26-Jul-2017Characterization of log and stationary phase promastigotes of Leismania SPP based on morphological biochemical and immunological aspectsBandyopadhyay, PurnimaBhattacharya, Amal
25-Jul-2017Effect of radiation on leishmania donovani the causative organism of human kala azar diseaseManna, SanjuktaBhattacharya, Amal
25-Jul-2017Membrane glycoconjugates of Indian leishmaniae biochemical and immunological analysisGhosh, Dilip KumarBhattacharya, Amal
19-Jul-2017Role of flagellum and its importance in Leishmania donovani infection with special reference to paraflagellar rod proteinLahiri, AtreyiBhattacharya, Amal
12-Jul-2017Studies on exometabolites of leishmania donovani promastigotes grown in synthetic mediaKar, KalipadaBhattacharya, Amal
10-Jul-2017Studies on free living amoebae isolated from sewage from CalcuttaSen, KalpanaBhattacharya, Amal
26-Jul-2017Studies on some immunological aspects of experimental visceral leishmaniasisBasak, Saroj KumarBhattacharya, Amal
20-Jun-2017Studies on the Gregarine parasites of insect pests from West Bengal IndiaMandal, SudipBhattacharya, Amal
10-Jul-2017Studies on the kinetoplastid flagellates with special reference to its affinity with the closely related pathogenic formsD E, AlokBhattacharya, Amal
26-Jul-2017Studies on the morphology life history and bionomics of coccidian protozoa sporozoa parasites in passerine birdsBhattacharya, AmalChakravarty, M M
10-Jul-2017Study on the biology of Leishmania donovani a causative agent of human kala azar with special reference to drug resistant strainsIslam, BipulBhattacharya, Amal
26-Jul-2017Study on the biology of Leishmania donovani with special reference to its propagation and nutritional requirementsMukhopadhyay, RupkathaBhattacharya, Amal