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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
7-Jan-2016Chemical transformations of coumarins directed towards the synthesis of bioactive natural productsKalita, Dipok JyotiBhattacharjee, S K
4-Jan-2016Studies of the dietary factors correlating cholesterol triglycerides alkaline phosphatase and atherosclerosisBharali, NandaBhattacharjee, S K
4-Jan-2016Studies on 4dimethyl amino azobenzene2 sulphenyl compoundsDasgupta, Shyamal KumarBhattacharjee, S K
5-Jan-2016Studies on bivalent organic sulphur compounds nucleophilic reactions at sulphenyl sulphurProdyot Gohain, RajkumarBhattacharjee, S K
1-Jan-2016Studies on bivalent organic sulphur compounds sulphenylations with sulphenyl bromides of orthomercaptoazo compoundsMazumdar, MridulaBhattacharjee, S K
8-Jan-2016Studies on coumarinic antibacterial agents from Eclipta Alba hassk a medicinal plant available in north eastern IndiaSarmah, Dharmendra KumarBhattacharjee, S K
4-Jan-2016Studies on dicoordinated organic sulphur compounds sulphenylation reaction with 2nitro4methylazobenzene2sulphenyl bromideChakraborty, MonojitBhattacharjee, S K
17-Oct-2016Studies on divalent organosulfur compounds sulfenium carriers thiopyrimidinones and benzothiazolesAnita, ChakrabortyBhattacharjee, S K
5-Jan-2016Studies on organic bivalent sulphur compounds synthesis and reactions of 2 arylazonaphthalene 1 sulphenyl compoundsDatta, Swapan KumarBhattacharjee, S K
8-Jan-2016Studies on risk factors assessment of coronary artery disease with special emphasis to lipid profile peroxidation and antioxidant statusTanti, SoumenBhattacharjee, S K
4-Jan-2016Studies on some sulfur carbon and sulfur other hetero atom bond formation reactions with sulfenium carriersAcharjee, Sujit RanjanBhattacharjee, S K
4-Jan-2016Studies on sulfenyl derivatives of orthomercaptoazo compounds a source of electrophilic bivalent sulfurGanguly, MausumiBhattacharjee, S K
17-Oct-2016Studies on the development and characterization of a novel anticancer drug delivery systemSarmah, Jayanta KumarBhattacharjee, S K
4-Jan-2016Studies on the preparations of stabilized sulfenyl bromides their electrophilic reactions and their antibacterial activityBarman, PranjitBhattacharjee, S K
8-Jan-2016Studies on the synthetic applications of sulphenylation reactions with azobenzene2sulphenyl bromideHazarika, Dhruba JyotiBhattacharjee, S K
17-Oct-2016Synthesis of sulfenium cation carriers their electrophilic sulfenylation reactions DFT and bioactivity studiesAhmed, NizamuddinBhattacharjee, S K
7-Jan-2016The economic development of Cachar district during 1951 1974Bhattacharjee, S KSarma, Anil Kumar