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1-Dec-2014Characterization of catalytically inactive mutants of anthrax toxinGupta, MeghaBhatnagar, Rakesh
15-Apr-2014Cloning and characterization of the Thrombospondin-Related Adhesive Protein (TRAP) from the Simian and the Human Malaria ParasiteSijwali, Puran SinghBhatnagar, Rakesh
15-Apr-2014Cloning and molecular characterization of dextransucrase gene from Leuconostoc Mesenterioides NRRL B-512FSingh, Deotosh Kumar SurendraBhatnagar, Rakesh
24-Feb-2014Cloning expression and characterization of insecticidal genes of xenorphabdus nematophilaKhandelwal, Puneet.Bhatnagar, Rakesh
22-Jul-2014Cloning, expression, purification and characterization of anthrax edema factorKumar, PraveenBhatnagar, Rakesh
6-Jan-2014Development of DNA Vaccine for complete protection in pre - and - post - exposure studies in murine model of rabiesManpreet Kaur.Bhatnagar, Rakesh
10-Mar-2014Evaluation of stress response during Leishmania donovani-Macrophage interactionAdhunaBhatnagar, Rakesh
15-Apr-2014Expression, purification and characterization of the recombinant lethal factor of Bacillus anthracisGupta, PankajBhatnagar, Rakesh
6-Jan-2014Generation and characterization of DNA vaccine against anthrax enabling delivery of Protective Antigne (PA63) to appropriate processing pathwaysMidha, ShuchiBhatnagar, Rakesh
15-May-2014Investigations of entropy measures for DNA and protein binding site sequencesKrishnamachari, AKarmeshu; Bhatnagar, Rakesh
26-May-2014Kinetic studies for overproduction of recombinant interferon-gamma (IFN-y) in E. coli and methylotropic yeastPandey, GauravMukherjee, K J; Bhatnagar, Rakesh
4-Dec-2014Programmed cell death in prokaryotes : An insight into the Toxin Antitoxin module of Bacillus anthracisAgarwal, ShivangiBhatnagar, Rakesh
18-Nov-2016Role of heat shock protein in immunity against b anthracis infectionSinha, KanchanBhatnagar, Rakesh
27-Jan-2014Studies on anthrax lethal toxinSingh, AparnaBhatnagar, Rakesh
27-Jan-2014Studies on domain 1B of protective antigen of anthrax toxinChauhan, VibhaBhatnagar, Rakesh
22-Jul-2014Studies on the production of recombinant protective antigen of bacillus anthracisWaheed, Syed MohsinBhatnagar, Rakesh
27-Jan-2014Studies on the role of hydrophobic residues phe552, phe554, lle562, leu566 and lle574 of anthrax protective antigenAhuja, NidhiBhatnagar, Rakesh
9-Jan-2014Studies on thermostabilization of protective antigen of B.anthracisSamer SinghBhatnagar, Rakesh
26-May-2014Transcriptional regulation of c jun gene expression in Rat liverOhri, SujataDixit, Aparna; Bhatnagar, Rakesh