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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
27-Aug-2020A numerical analysis of isothermal and nonisothermal crystallization kinetics of Se7oTe3o glassSingh, RajpalBhargava, Anami
20-May-2020A study of crystallization process in Chalcogenide Se70Te27Sn3 GlassDaga, AvinashBhargava, Anami
8-Jun-2020A study of crystallization processes IN fe78Si9B13 Bulk metallic glassesTak, MaheshBhargava, Anami
25-Aug-2020A study of electronic structure of amorphous germaniumBakolia ,Raj PremBhargava, Anami
28-Aug-2020A study of electronic structure of amorphous siliconSaini, Naresh KumarBhargava, Anami
25-Aug-2020An investigation of efficiency factors of nanostructured dye_sensitized solar cellsBhojak, Ratan PremBhargava, Anami
27-Aug-2020An investigation of electronic structure of amorphous silicon with defectsSingh, SubeBhargava, Anami
19-Mar-2020An investigation of the electronic band structure of amorphous and nanostructured semiconductorsKhatri, RajeshBhargava, Anami
22-Sep-2020An investigation of the electronic band structure of amorphous and nanostructured semiconductorsKhatri, KhatariBhargava, Anami
27-Aug-2020An investigation of the Soliton communications in optical fibresRamawatarBhargava, Anami
8-Jun-2020Efficiency of soloar cellsSwami, JitenderBhargava, Anami
28-Aug-2020Investigation of bandstructure of linear and nonlinear 1_D photonic crystalsSharma, Vikas KumarBhargava, Anami
20-Mar-2020Investigation of electrical conduction_ crystallization and relaxation processes in some amorphous ternary chalcogenide semiconductorsKalla, JayaBhargava, Anami
19-Mar-2020Investigation of optoelectronic properties of nanostructured chalcogenide films prepared using chemical bath depositionAgrawal, ParasBhargava, Anami
19-May-2020Numerical simulation studies of properties of amorphous siliconSharma, AnilBhargava, Anami
27-Aug-2020Phase transformation in glassy systemsRuyal, Shiv BhagwanBhargava, Anami
27-Aug-2020Propagation of Solitons in optical fibres _ its solutionMeena, Ravindra KumarBhargava, Anami