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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
20-Jun-2017Chemical investigation of some plants of the family verbenaceaeSanyal, Pranab KumarBarua, A K
24-Jul-2017In vitro studies on prostaglandin biosynthesisMukhopadhyay, EliBarua, A K
20-Jun-2017Studies of transport phenomena in gasesBhattacharyya, Prasanta KumarBarua, A K
21-Jun-2017Studies on collision processes between ions and neutral atoms and moleculesBhattacharyya, Shib ShankarBarua, A K
26-Jul-2017Studies on dissociative excitations of molecular ionsMullick, KrishnaBarua, A K
25-Jul-2017Studies on hydrogenated amorphous and microcrystalline silicon thin films and their alloys by RF magnetron sputtering methodBandyopadhyay, Ashok KumarBarua, A K
21-Jun-2017Studies on natural productsGhosh, SarojBarua, A K
20-Jun-2017Studies on natural productsBasak, AjoyBarua, A K
20-Jun-2017Studies on natural productsDasgupta, ChitraBarua, A K
24-Sep-2018Studies on natural productsChattopadhyay, Tapan KumarBarua, A K
10-Oct-2017Studies on photodissociation of moleculesBasu, DebabrataBarua, A K
20-Jun-2017Studies on plant phenolics and terpenoidsChakravarti, SambhunathBarua, A K
21-Jun-2017Studies on rotational spectra observed from interstellar clouds and related topicsBhattacharyya, BalaramBarua, A K
20-Jun-2017Studies on saponins and terpenoidsRay, Asit KumarBarua, A K
26-Jul-2017Studies on saponins and triterpenesDutta, Shib PrasadBarua, A K
20-Jun-2017Studies on some topics in atomic and molecular collision processesSaha, Samir ChandraBarua, A K
20-Jun-2017Studies on some topics in atomic and molecular scatteringRay, SwatiBarua, A K
20-Jun-2017Studies on terpenoids and glycosidesPal, Sunil KumarBarua, A K
21-Jun-2017Studies on terpenoids and plant phenolicsBiswas, SwapnaBarua, A K
21-Jun-2017Studies on the properties of amorphous silicon thin filmsChaudhuri, ParthaBarua, A K