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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
28-Jul-2017A comparative study on certain aspects of the biology of three common species of polyporaceae causing decay of sal shorea robusta gaertn F timberJyotsna, MadhuBanerjee, S N
20-Jun-2017A review of sugarcane pests of India with bionomics and control of some minor pests of sugarcaneButani, Dhamo KBanerjee, S N
14-May-2015Complexes coordination compounds physico chemical studies of the complexes of kinc and vandol with azo dyesKhera, Gurbir SinghBanerjee, S N
31-Dec-2015Decentralized planning and panchayati raj in West Bengal a case study of Burdwan districtMajumdar, GautamBanerjee, S N
20-Jun-2017Investigation on certain aspects of the biology of some wood destroying polyporaceaeGhosh, PranatiBanerjee, S N
26-Jul-2017Investigations on certain aspects of the biology of some wood rotting basidiomycetesNandi, BalenBanerjee, S N
4-Jun-2018Life History seasonal activity and chemical control of mustard aphid lipaphis erysimi Kalt in West BengalRoy, PranabBanerjee, S N
13-May-2015Physico chemical investigationGandhi, Champalal BiharilalBanerjee, S N
15-May-2015Physico chemical studies of palladium complexes with organic ligandsMathur, Jagdish NarainBanerjee, S N
14-May-2015physico chemical studies of the complexes of chromium and manganese with organic ligandsSethi, Hans RajBanerjee, S N
20-May-2015Physico chemical studies of the complexes of gobalt and nickel with azo dyesJain, M CBanerjee, S N
20-Jun-2017Physiological studies on some species of fomes and ganodermaSamajpati, NirmalenduBanerjee, S N
20-Jun-2017Studies on certain aspects of biology of some wood rotting basidiomycetesGupta, DipakBanerjee, S N
8-Jan-2016Studies on inhibition of the corrosion of metals in relation to the electrocapillary action of organic corrosion inhibitorsBasu, SubhadraBanerjee, S N
8-Jan-2016Studies on organic corrosion inhibitorsGuha, B RBanerjee, S N
20-Jun-2017Studies on some aspects of the biology of hexagona apiaria PERS lloyd associated with euphoria longan LOUR steudChakrabarti, SajalkumarBanerjee, S N
26-Jul-2017Studies on some insects of economic importance in West BengalGhose, SurakaliBanerjee, S N
8-Jan-2016Studies on synergism in acid corrosion inhibition of mild steel by organic inhibitive speciesBanerjee, Prabir KumarBanerjee, S N
20-Jun-2017Studies on the activity of some lepidopterous insects in relation to weather conditionsMookerjee, Ajit LalBanerjee, S N
14-Jun-2017Studies on the aphid fauna of West Bengal homoptera aphididaeBasu, AdyanathBanerjee, S N