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19-May-2017C H bond activation by transition metal complexesBiswas, Achintesh NarayanBandyopadhyay, P
20-Jun-2017Chemistry of indium and thalliumBhadra, Jayanta KumarBandyopadhyay, P
20-Jun-2017Co ordination compounds of molybdenumBhattacharyya, SudebBandyopadhyay, P
23-Feb-2017Cyclometallated compounds synthesis characterization and reactivityNeogi, Debatra NarayanBandyopadhyay, P
20-Jun-2017Fluoro and iodo nitroso complexes of rheniumJana, Tapan KumarBandyopadhyay, P
28-Jul-2017Oxygenation Reactions of Organic and Organometallic CompoundsAgarwalla, Uday SankarBandyopadhyay, P
22-May-2017Platinum metal s complexes synthesis and characterizationAcharya,SuvraBandyopadhyay, P
20-Jun-2017Some properties of psions with special reference to their decay modes and multiproduction phenomenaGuha, GouriBandyopadhyay, P
10-Jul-2017Some studies on PCM systems and voice band data communication in the Calcutta telephone networkChakravarty, Samar KumarBandyopadhyay, P
10-Oct-2017Studies in some aspects of multiparticle production phenomena at high energiesBhattacharyya, SubrataBandyopadhyay, P
20-Jun-2017Studies on metal Vitamin B6 complexesGangopadhyay, SyamalBandyopadhyay, P
21-Jun-2017Studies on nitrosyl carbonyl and cyano rhenium complexesMitra, TriptiBandyopadhyay, P
23-Feb-2017Studies on the chemistry of molybdenumMitra, SubhasisBandyopadhyay, P
21-Apr-2017Transition metal ion mediated hydroxylation reactionsBhawmick, RupaBandyopadhyay, P