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6-Mar-2014Analysis of cosegregation of disease phenotype with defined genetic markers on chromosome 2q 31-35 in M. lepae responsive/nonresponsive individualsKaur, GurvinderBamezai, R N K
12-May-2014Effect of overexpression of leafy on flowering in transgenic Brassica JunceaRoy, Suchandra DebBamezai, R N K; Sarin, Neera Bhalla
13-Jan-2014Expression, purification and characterization of natural mutations in human pyruvate kinase-M2 proteinGupta, VibhorBamezai, R N K
8-Mar-2014Genetic predisposition to leprosy: a study of functional polymorphisms in Candidate Genes involved in innate and adaptive immunity in leprosyMalhotra, DheerajBamezai, R N K
4-Jul-2014Genetic predisposition to leprosy: a study of park2-pacrg gene regulatory region in Indian populationChopra, RupaliBamezai, R N K
4-Mar-2014Genetic susceptibility to hepatitis B : role of functional polymorphisms in regulatory regions of FAS, TGF-BETAL, IL-6 and TNF-ALPHAGupta, VibhutiBamezai, R N K
26-Oct-2016Genetic susceptibility to tuberculosis a study of candidate gene polymorphism among different caste populations of OrissaJena, MamataBamezai, R N K
12-May-2014Genetic transformation of brassica juncea with y-tocopherol mehtl transferase (y-TMT) gene for increased a-tocopherolYusuf, Mohd. AslamBamezai, R N K; Sarin, Neera Bhalla
19-Dec-2013Genotypic and exoression status of apoptotic pathway genes in sporadic breast cancerPal, RanjanaBamezai, R N K
16-Feb-2017Host genetic susceptibility to leprosy a study of anti inflammatory cytokine gene polymorphismAggarwal, ShwetaBamezai, R N K
12-May-2014In-vitro characterization of missense mutations in inter subunit contact domain (ISCD) region of human pyruvate kinase-M2 isozymeAkhtar, Md. KamalBamezai, R N K
12-May-2014Investigations on the mechanism of light and BAP induced multiple shoot formation for the cotyledonary node of cajanus cajanGupta, Prem KumarBamezai, R N K; Sarin, Neera Bhalla
26-May-2014Low resolution mapping of chromosome 17p13 and 17p21-24 regional by loss of heterozygosity (LOH) in sporadic breast tumors and its correlation with clinical parametersBairwa, Narendra KBamezai, R N K; Bhattacharya, Alok
12-May-2014The molecular basis of drug resistance in leishmaniaMukherjee, AnganaBamezai, R N K; Madhubala, R
10-Aug-2015Role of microRNA in breast cancerManvati, SiddharthBamezai, R N K
21-Aug-2015Role of pyruvate kinase m2 and micrornas : a bioinformatics and experimental studyKalaiarasan PBamezai, R N K
16-Jul-2014Status and regulation of pyruvate kinase in bloom syndrome cellsAnitha, MamillapalliBamezai, R N K
3-Dec-2014Study of allelic imbalance in 16p13 3, 16q24 chromosomal regions and mitochondrial genome in human sporadic breast cancer and its correlation with clinical parametersDarvishi, KatayoonBamezai, R N K