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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
17-Aug-2017Convenient synthesis of some 1 Heteroaryl 4 Arylidene 2 Phenyl 5 Oxo Imidazoline as potential fungicidesRaj, DhruvAsthana, R K
18-Aug-2017Investigation of the removal of malachite green rhodamine crystal violet by adsorption on oxide and wollastonite surfacesPathak, Surya KantAsthana, R K
14-Aug-2017Investigation of the removal of Methylene Blue MB and Metomega Chrome Orange MCO dyes by rice husk coal and graphite surfacesOjha, PriyankaAsthana, R K
15-Jan-2018Physico chemical and biological investigations of river ganga under the influence of municipal wastes at Mirzapur U P India with reference to removal of Omega Chrome Red Me OCR dyeSingh, Vinay PrakashAsthana, R K
18-Aug-2017Some studies on chemical investigation of petunia plants and structural determination of their chemical constitutionSingh, Vinod KumarAsthana, R K
18-Aug-2017Some studies on physico chemical and biological characterisation of Renu river water near Rehand dam Sone Bhadra with reference to determination of trace metal chromium by atomic absorption spectroscopy and its removalPandey, Sharad ChandAsthana, R K
17-Aug-2017Some studies on the removal of Omega Chrome Red me OCR and Omega Chrome Fast Blue b OCB by flyash chinaclay and hematite as adsorbents by adsorption techniqueTripathi, Brajesh ManiAsthana, R K
17-Aug-2017Studies of some new biologically active nitrogenous heterocyclic compoundsYadav, Ajay KumarAsthana, R K