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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
19-Oct-2016A non_invasive approach to predict ovulation in the human based on certain biochemical evaluations of salivaAlagendran, SArchunan, G
19-Oct-2016A study on the reproductive behaviour and pheromones of an endangered Indian Blackbuck _Antelope cervicapra L_ to enhance captive breeding and conservationRajagopal, TArchunan, G
17-Oct-2016An experimental evaluation of pathogenesis of autoimmune antiphospholipid syndrome in pregnancy lossVelayuthaprabhu, SArchunan, G
14-Oct-2016Assessment of flehmen behaviour and identification of urinary pheromones in buffalo _Bubalus bubalis_with special reference to estrusRajanarayanan, SArchunan, G
18-Oct-2016Chemical characterization of bovine _Bos taurus_ urine with special reference to reproductive behaviourRamesh Kumar, KArchunan, G
19-Oct-2016Distant relationships amongst protein structural domain superfamilies example of odorant binding proteinsPugalenthi, GArchunan, G
18-Oct-2016Histomorphology biochemistry and chemical identification of rat scent glands in view of rodent pest management a new light in IPM programmeKannan, SArchunan, G
14-Oct-2016Identification and bioassay of mouse _Mus musculus_ urinary pheromones with special reference to estrous cycleAchiraman, SArchunan, G
30-Jun-2022Identification Of Urine As Potent Pheromone Source In Sow And Analysis Of Estrus Specific Volatiles And Proteins With Their Binding EfficiencySilambarasan, VArchunan, G
17-Oct-2016Molecular characterization of pheromone carrying protein and identification of endogenous ligand _S_ in the preputial gland of rat and its behavioural significancePonmanickam, PArchunan, G
18-Oct-2016Pheromonal identification and its involvement in the Control of house rat _Rattus rattus L_Selvaraj, RArchunan, G
30-Jun-2022Structural And Functional Analysis Of Buffalo Nasal Odorant Binding Protein For Development Of Electrochemistry Based Biosensor For Detection Of Estrus Specific PheromonesManikkaraja, CArchunan, G