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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
2-Aug-2010Application of advanced oxidation processes for the degradation of organic water pollutantsJoseph, Jiju MAravindakumar, C T
7-Aug-2014Development and pressure driven transport studies of polyelectrolyte membranesMathew, JissyAravindakumar, C T
19-Dec-2017Free Radical chemistry of some Antioxidant Molecules Radiolytic and theoretical studiesVenu, SAravindakumar, C T
25-Sep-2014Free radical chemistry of structural analogues of pyrimidine basesPrasanthkumar, K PAravindakumar, C T
28-Feb-2013Kinetic and mechanistic investigation of water- derived radicals and ozone with DNA constituents and their related compounds in aqueous mediumJacob, T AAravindakumar, C T
18-Jan-2013Kinetic and mechanistic investigations of the free radicals and photo-induced decomposition of S-Nitrosothioles in aqueous mediumManoj, V MAravindakumar, C T
7-Aug-2014Photochemical and radiation chemical degradation studies of Triazine derivativesVarghese, RaniAravindakumar, C T
4-Aug-2010Radiation chemical studies of some aza analogues of nucleic acid componentsPramod, GAravindakumar, C T
24-Jul-2017Radiation chemical studies of some Dna model systemsAravindakumar, C TMadhava Rao, B S
5-Mar-2013Redox chemistry of substituted pyrimidines: a radiation chemical studyLuke, Teena LisAravindakumar, C T
6-Aug-2010Ultrafast charge transfer dynamics and free radical reactions of 2-aminopurine in the presence of nucleobases and in modified double helical DNAManoj, PAravindakumar, C T