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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
13-Feb-2017A frame work for the engineering of reliable distributed systemChandrabose, AAlagarsamy, K
13-Feb-2017A framework of knowledge representation models for improving knowledge basesHepsiba marbel, VAlagarsamy, K
13-Feb-2017A novel approach to software testing for the emerging software systemsVanitha katherine, AAlagarsamy, K
13-Feb-2017A novel security approach in mobile communicationSurendiran, RAlagarsamy, K
13-Feb-2017Algorithms for optimization of frequent pattern mining in horizontal and vertical data layoutsMeenakshi, AAlagarsamy, K
13-Feb-2017An analysis of the development of rmmp by focusing risk evaluation and continuous mitigation plan for unlike risksRoja banu, MSAlagarsamy, K
13-Feb-2017Analysis of model integration to optimize software developmentTherese clara, VAlagarsamy, K
13-Feb-2017Automatic web service composition using semantic web technologiesLakshmi, IAlagarsamy, K
18-Jan-2016Data mining for software engineeringSuyambu kesavan, SAlagarsamy, K
13-Feb-2017Development of an effective software process optimization approach based on the improvement of cmmiSundar, DAlagarsamy, K
21-Jan-2016Fuzzy based clustering and data gatheringVijaya chandra, SAlagarsamy, K
13-Feb-2017Incorporating security requirements into software requirements engineeringMahizharuvi, PAlagarsamy, K
20-Feb-2017Information extraction from biomedical texts for model constructionSanthanalakshmi, RAlagarsamy, K
20-Feb-2017Investigation on various compression algorithms for gray scale and color medical imagesNagarajan, AAlagarsamy, K
20-Oct-2015The Role of Commercial Banks in providing Agricultural creditAlagarsamy, KBalasubramanian.V
20-Feb-2017Secure software engineering metricsSree ram kumar, TAlagarsamy, K