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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
5-Apr-2018Exacebration or Amelioration of Malathion Toxicity by co administration with alcohol and evaluation of Antidotal activity of Terminalia Chebula Fruits CombretaceaeJayanthi SakthisekaranVenkataraman S
5-Apr-2018Exacerbation or Amelioration of Dimethoate Toxicity by co administration with alcohol and evaluation of Antidotal activity of Psidium guajava Linn leaves MyrtaceaeSivapiriya VVenkataraman S
25-May-2018Formulation and Evaluation of Epoxides derived from Oxygen Heterocyclic compounds and Indane 1Venkataraman SNagarajan M
15-Dec-2017Hepatoprotective effect of spirulina fusiformis in paracetamol and aflatoxin b1 induced hepatic injury in ratsSubramanian AVenkataraman S
25-Feb-2020Information Technology And Its Application For The Development Of Tamil Nadu A StudyVenkataraman SG.Krishnamoorthy
4-Sep-2012Pharmacological and Toxicological evaluation of 1 Ricinus communis Linn Root and 2 Cassia fistula Linn Stem bark with Special Reference to their Hepatoprotective Antiinflammatory Antiarthritic and Antioxidant activities in experimental animalsIlavarasan RVenkataraman S; Mallika M
15-Dec-2017Pharmacological and toxicological investigations on strychnos potatorum linn seeds with special reference to antiarthritic and hepatoprotective activitiesSanmugapriya EVenkataraman S
29-Jan-2018Pharmacological evaluation of tubers of corallocarpus epigaeus rottl willd Clarke with special reference to its anti arthritic antioxidant and immunomodulatory activities in ratsTamizharasi SVenkataraman S
5-Apr-2018Studies on the experimental and clinical evaluation on Cassia Alata Linn leaf extract on superficial mycosesDamodaran SVenkataraman S