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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
5-Jan-2018Prevalence pattern of hepatitis c virus infections in Tamilnadu India An immunological and molecular studyVenkata Krishna Mohan KThyagarajan S P
16-Feb-2018R D preparation of acellular pertussis vaccines and their evaluation with whole cell vaccinesChandra VijayaraghavanThyagarajan S P
5-Apr-2018Studies on Anti HIV and Immunomodulatory potentials of certain Indian Medicinal PlantsSeema Madhumal ThayilThyagarajan S P
13-Mar-2018Studies on asymptomatic chronic hepatitis B virus HBV infection in Tamil Nadu and R and D preparation of purified hepatitis B surface antigen HBsAg for immunogenicty in animal modelsHari RThyagarajan S P
5-Apr-2018Studies on autoimmunity and hepatotropic viruses in chronic liver diseasesShantha SThyagarajan S P
5-Apr-2018studies on clinico immunological aspects of diabetes mellitusVenugopal VThyagarajan S P
12-Apr-2018studies on hepatitis B virus infection in tamilnadu laying special emphasis on the immunological and biochemical markers with an assessment on the antiviral properties of certain indigenous herbsThyagarajan S PSubramanian S
23-Mar-2018Studies on Hepatitis C Virus HCV infection in asymptomatic pregnant women and its transmission from mothers to childrenParthiban RThyagarajan S P
14-Mar-2018Studies on human immunodeficiency virus disease progression in south indiaKumarasamy NThyagarajan S P
3-Sep-2019Studies on the antimicrobial properties of Marine Organisms and anti HIV properties of an Indian Medicianal Plant Phyllanthus amarusGopalakrishnan VThyagarajan S P
15-Dec-2017Studies on the hepatitis B virus HBV hepatitis C virus HCV and human immunodeficiency virus HIV coinfection patterns in HIV diseased and chronic liver diseased patientsSaravanan SThyagarajan S P
22-Mar-2018Studies on the immunogenicity safety and efficacy of the new recombinant Hepatitis B vaccine Genevac B in human volunteersVijayakumar VThyagarajan S P
14-Mar-2018Virological and molecular studies on the prevelence pattern of hepatitis viral infections in symptomatic and asympromatic pregnant women and the impact of hepatitis b vaccination in prevention of hbv transmission to the children borneDhevahi EThyagarajan S P
5-Jan-2018Virological immunological and molecular studies on herpes simplex keratitisPramod N PThyagarajan S P
29-Jan-2018VirologicaL immunological and molecular studies on histopathologically characterised hepatocellular carcinoma casesMurugavel K GThyagarajan S P