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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
6-Jun-2014A New Form Of Credit And The Farmers In A North Indian Village_ A Sociological StudySudhir KumarPundir, J.K.
6-Feb-2020Production Characterization and Immobilization of Thermoalkali Stable Xylanase from Geobacillus Thermodenitrificans X1 and its Application in Paper Pulp Bio BleachingVerma, RitikaSudhir Kumar
13-Aug-2015Regional OrganizationSudhir KumarChaturvedi, S K
24-Jul-2014Role of government intervention in food grain markets in india with special reference to UPSudhir KumarKanchan Rani
22-Jul-2015Stability analysis of some visco elastic fluids in porous mediumVivek KumarSudhir Kumar
17-Dec-2013Studies on Certain Essential Minerals Status and Heavy Metals Presence in Soil Plant Water and Animals at High Altitude Cold Arid EnvironmentGuru CharanBharti, Vijay K; Sudhir Kumar
11-Jun-2014Studies On Plant Regeneration And Somaclonal Variation In WheatAnjuSudhir Kumar
20-Jan-2015Studies on the effect of organic manure and biofertilizers on growth and yield of hoerdeum vulgare lAli, IftikharSudhir Kumar
18-Nov-2014Studies on weed management potential of wheat triticum aestivum L for sustainable agricultureAli, HashimSudhir Kumar
6-Mar-2014A study of district health administration in UNA and Shimla districts: a socio-cultural and administrative analysisSudhir KumarRamalingaswami, Prabha
18-Jun-2015A study of legal provisions and cases pertaining to dying in harness ruleSudhir KumarSingh, Rakesh Kumar
30-Sep-2014A Study of stability problems of stratified fluids In porous mediumBahadur, RajSudhir Kumar
25-Jan-2018Synthesis and characterisation of bulk and thin films nanocomposite ZnO TiO2 SnO2Sudhir KumarDas Balak
21-Oct-2021The Social Content in Novels of Mrs GaskellSudhir KumarShrivastava, K. C.
17-Oct-2014Weed management Potential of red pepperSindhu, GunjanSudhir Kumar