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6-Mar-2017Development of limn2o4 based composite electrode materials for supercapacitorsMuruganathem, NSubramania, A
16-Mar-2018Development of acidizing inhibitors for oil_well applicationsSathiya Priya, A RSubramania, A
2-Aug-2018Development of Electrospun Nanocomposite Polymer Membrane Electrolytes for Dye Sensitized Solar CellVijayakumar, ESubramania, A
14-Dec-2015Development of metal oxide thin films by chemical bath deposition method for solar cell applicationsSastri, MSubramania, A
16-Mar-2018Development of nano_crystalline LiMn2O4 based cathode materials for high performance li_ion batteriesAngayarkanni, NSubramania, A
16-Mar-2018Development of polymer electrolytes for rechargeable lithium_ion batteryKalyana Sundaram, N TSubramania, A
21-Mar-2018Development of PVdf_HFP based composite micro_porous polymer electrolytes for high performance Li_ion polymer batteryVijaykumar, GSubramania, A
14-Dec-2015Electrodeposition and characterization of copper nanocompositesRamalingam, SSubramania, A
16-Mar-2018Electrodeposition and Characterization of copper nanocompositesRamalingam, SSubramania, A
16-Mar-2018Preparation and characterization of nanocrystalline LiMn2O4 based thin film cathode materials for li_ion batteryKarthick, S NSubramania, A
16-Mar-2018Preparation and characterization of newer cathode materials for solid oxide fuel cell applicationsRajasekhar, MSubramania, A
14-Dec-2015Preparation and characterization of semiconductor binary nano metal oxides for gas sensor applicationsBalamurugan, CSubramania, A
21-Mar-2018Synthesis and characterization of nano_crystalline La2 Mo2 O9 based oxide_ion conductorsSaradha, TSubramania, A
20-Mar-2018Synthesis and characterization of polyaniline based nanofibers for supercapacitorsLakshmi Devi, SSubramania, A
14-Dec-2015Synthesis and characterization of polythiophene based nanoparticles for supercapacitorsRichard Prabhu Gnanakan, SSubramania, A