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30-May-2017Applications of lead tetraacetate in synthetic organic chemistry and studies on transformation of carbohydrates and their analoguesTalekar, D GSomasekar Rao, A
31-Jan-2017Reactions of compounds related to dimethyl octane p_menthane and cholestaneChaudhari, Popat NSomasekar Rao, A
31-Jan-2017Studies on _I_ biologically active compounds and their analogues _II_ oxiranesBhat, Krishna SSomasekar Rao, A
14-Jun-2017Synthesis of biologically active compoundsDhokte, Ulhas PSomasekar Rao, A
17-Apr-2017Synthesis of oxygenated terpenoidsSathe, Vasant MadhavSomasekar Rao, A
26-Sep-2017Synthesis of quinones polycyclic compounds and some transformations of carbohydratesJoshi, P LSomasekar Rao, A
31-May-2017Synthesis of terpenes and some transformations of small membered ring compoundsKulkarni, B SSomasekar Rao, A
18-Apr-2017Synthesis of terpenoids and some applications of diels_alder and fragmentation reactionShankaran, KSomasekar Rao, A
18-Apr-2017Synthesis of terpenoids and steroidsTadwalkar, Vinayak RangraoSomasekar Rao, A
10-Apr-2017Synthesis of terpenoids and steroidsVaidya, Arvind SadashivSomasekar Rao, A
21-Aug-2017Synthesis of terpenoids having alpha_beta unsaturated ketone Lactone and related functional groupsDivakar, K JSomasekar Rao, A
12-Jun-2017Utilization of natural products _Chloramphenicol_ and development of improved organic preparations and proceduresRamaiah, PSomasekar Rao, A