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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
24-Dec-2014Behavioural and physiological responses of spilosoma obliqua Walker Lepidoptera Arctiidae towards Chinaberry Melia Azedarach L MeliaceaeTarkeshwarSingh, A K
31-Dec-2014Behavioural responses of Cotesia plutellae Hymenoptera: Braconidae towards certain food sources and environmental stimuliKapinderSingh, A K
4-Aug-2014Certain problems in complex and almost complex spacesSandeep KumarSingh, A K
18-Aug-2017Changing pattern of indo nepal trade since 1991Khanal, Rajesh KesharSingh, A K
17-Aug-2017Characterization of capsicum germplasm inbreds and CMS based crosses with special reference to oleoresin and capsaicinPandey, JyotiSingh, A K
10-Nov-2017Comparative modeling and bioinformatics analysis of an allergen from a plantSharma, RuchiSingh, A K
14-Aug-2017Dynamics of vegetable production and marketing in Eastern Uttar PradeshSingh, Sanjay PrakashSingh, A K
21-Aug-2017Ecological investigation of a polluted and non polluted pond at JaunpurYadav, Brij KumarSingh, A K
17-Aug-2017Ecophysiological studies of rice growing under the influence of allelopathic weed pluchea lanceolataVaishnaviSingh, A K
18-Aug-2017Effect of copper Cu and nickel Ni pollution on certain vegetable cropsYadav, Subash ChandraSingh, A K
20-Nov-2014Effects of empowerment of employees on organisational performance: a study of select companies of national capital regionDua, NaveenSingh, A K
30-Jul-2014Genetic enhancement for B carotene in indica rice through marker assisted selectionTyagi, Neeraj KumarSingh, A K
21-Aug-2017Hybridization and radiocytogenetical studies on Solanum Melongena L and some wild alliesSingh, Ramesh ChandraSingh, A K
21-Aug-2017Impact of effluent of lords distillery Nandganj Ghazipur on some crop plantsSingh, VishalSingh, A K
20-Aug-2019Integration Of Dharmas With Special Reference To Vedic And Islamic ReligionNaseem, FatimaSingh, A K
1-Nov-2017Inter divisional study of economic development of Eastern U P With special reference to human development indices 1990 2000Singh, PriyankaSingh, A K
18-Jun-2021International Financial Stability and the East Asian Crises an Analysis of the Anatomy Social Consequence Management and Prevention of Financial CrisesRaj RaniSingh, A K
17-Aug-2017Marital adjustment and reactions to frustration among married school and college male and female teachersYadav, Amar NathSingh, A K
1-Dec-2014Mechanistic study of transition metal catalyzed oxidation of reducing sugars by n bromophthalimideShachdev, NirajaSingh, A K
23-Aug-2017Mental health personal cathexis and locus of control among rural and urban male female adolescentsRajeshSingh, A K