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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
23-Jan-2020Response of turmeric to various levels on N P and KPandey, Prakash Chandra .Sharma, R. K.
15-Feb-2019Speaker dependent Hindi speech recognition using optimized classifiersMittal, TeenaSharma, R. K.
23-Mar-2020Studies on processing of papaya carica papaya Linn fruitsMIshra, Ajay Kumar .Sharma, R. K.
23-Jan-2020Studies on salt tolerance in some rose speciesSharma, Chandra Pal .Sharma, R. K.
13-Jan-2020Studies on the effect of foliar spray of urea and N A A on the growth and yield of gingerPrasad, Rajendra .Sharma, R. K.
27-Dec-2019Studies on the effect of growth regulators on rooting and growth cutting of three varieties of bouganivilleaNigam, Ajay Kumar .Sharma, R. K.
11-Jan-2020Studies on the effect of NPK on the growth yield and quality of betelvine Piper betle LinnPandey, Mithlesh Kumar .Sharma, R. K.
26-Dec-2019Studies on the effects of zinc and certain plant growth regulators on flowering fruit drop and physico chemical composition of mango Mangifera IndicaDwivedi, Lalmani .Sharma, R. K.
20-Jan-2020Studies on the uptake of N P K in relation to the vegetative growth yield and chemical composition of beet root Beta vulgaris L var crassaKumar, Ashok .Sharma, R. K.
26-Dec-2019Studies on the yield and quality of betel leaves as influenced by application of nitrogen phosphorus and potassium fertilizersMishra, Sunil Kumar .Sharma, R. K.
26-Dec-2019Study on the effect of seed size and spaging on the growth yield and quality of potato solanum tuberosum L var kufri badshahBahadur, Vijai .Sharma, R. K.
8-Jan-2020Study the effect of foliar spray of urea and N A A on growthand yield of gingerPrasad, Rajendra .Sharma, R. K.
2-Mar-2020To study the genetic parameters of yield and its components in egg plant Solanum MelongenaSingh, Ran Vir .Sharma, R. K.
12-Dec-2018UNL Based Machine Translation System for Punjabi LanguageKumar, ParteekSharma, R. K.
25-Jan-2019UNL based machine translation system for punjabi languageKumar, ParteekSharma, R. K.