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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
20-Aug-2019Efficient routing attack detection and mitigation approach for mobile adhoc networks using node statisticsSaravanan SRamakrishnan M
5-Apr-2018Evaluation of the protective potential of Terminalia Chebula Retz with referrence to supplementary and#945; Tocopherol on Perchloroethylene induced cytotoxicity in ratsSaravanan SSaraswathy A
17-Sep-2019Experimental investigation on grouping of facts for efficient web search in cloud computingSaravanan SVenkatachalam V
17-Sep-2019Experimental investigations on AA6063 TiC metal matrix compositesSaravanan SSenthilkumar P
11-Sep-2020Feature recognition on stock price and indices movements using waveletsMala SSaravanan S
23-Mar-2018HIV 1 Reverse Transcriptase and Protease Inhibitors Drug Resistance among Patients Failing Antiretroviral TherapySIVAMALAR SSaravanan S
5-Mar-2019Impact of Capital Structures on Profitability of Select Paper and Pulp Manufacturing Industries in IndiaDevaki Nandini VSaravanan S
3-Mar-2020Impact of social networking on purchase decisionsAsokan DSaravanan S
3-Dec-2020Multi response optimization for the management of nox smoke performance trade off in a di diesel engine fuelled with diesel oxygenate blendsRajeshkumar BSaravanan S
29-Sep-2020Performance analysis of single phase induction motor using neural network predictive controller and pi controllersSaravanan SGeetha K
20-Aug-2014Prabanjan sirukathaigalil valviyal coorugalSaravanan SGnanasowndhari s
28-Nov-2013Some investigations on switching activities of high speed low power multiplier for integrated circuit applicationsSaravanan SMadheshwaran, M.
7-Oct-2014Studies on board level electronic packages used in hand held electronic devices subjected to random vibration and drop impact loadsSaravanan SMohanram P V
29-Jan-2020Studies on Ex situ conservation of an endangered medicinal plant rauvolfia serpentina L Benth ex kurz through in vitro propagation and genetic fidelity study using rapd and ISSR markersSarvesan RSaravanan S
18-Sep-2019Studies on the anatomy cell wall composition and in vitro propagation of sugarcane saccharum officinarum LinnSaravanan SBalasubramanian A
15-Dec-2017Studies on the hepatitis B virus HBV hepatitis C virus HCV and human immunodeficiency virus HIV coinfection patterns in HIV diseased and chronic liver diseased patientsSaravanan SThyagarajan S P
9-Oct-2020Study of dry wear characteristics of aluminum based hybrid metal matrix compositesSaravanan SKumaravel P
27-Dec-2012Synthesis and characterization of some organic semiconductors and investigations on tile effect of Swift Heavy Ions on their propertiesSaravanan SAnantharaman, M R; Venkatachalam S
24-Dec-2019Synthesis of novel polynitro aromatic compounds as potential battery cathodesSaravanan SSrinivasan P C
30-Dec-2019Synthesis of novel polynitro aromatic compounds as potential battery cathodesSaravanan SSrinivasan P C