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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
8-Jul-2016Photoinduced processes studied in conventional solvents room temperature ionic liquids and proteinsBhattacharya, BhaswatiSamanta, Anunay
19-Sep-2014Photophysical and theoratical studies on some flurophores with intramolecular charge transfer excited statesSoujanya, TSamanta, Anunay
23-Sep-2014Static and dynamical fluorescencce response of some molecules in room temperrature ionic liquids and in media containing phase transfer catalystsKarmakar, RanaSamanta, Anunay
26-Sep-2014Studies on optical sensing of charged analytes and DNA interaction photocleavage activitiesGhosh, TamalSamanta, Anunay
12-Sep-2018Studies on photoinduced processes in room temperature ionic liquids and fluorescence behavior of quantum dots and their hybrids with the ionic liquidsKotni, SantoshSamanta, Anunay
19-Sep-2014Studies on some fluroescent systems with intramolecular charge transfer emitting statesSaroja, GSamanta, Anunay
29-Jun-2016Studies towards the design and development of photoactive supermolecules for signaling transition metal ionsBanthia, SandipSamanta, Anunay
18-Oct-2018Study of the physicochemical properties of organic molecules in gel and aggregated states using morphological and photophysical characterization techniquesSivalingam, SoumyaSamanta, Anunay
13-Jul-2016Synthesis and photophysical properties of organic dipolar molecular nano microparticlesKanaparthi, Ravi KumarSamanta, Anunay
5-Jul-2016Synthesis and study of photophysical and signaling behavior of some electron donor acceptor systemsSarkar, MoloySamanta, Anunay
30-Jun-2016Towards understanding the spectral and temporal fluorescence behaviour of some organic solutes in conventional solvents and room temperature ionic liquidsMandal, Prasun KumarSamanta, Anunay
27-Jul-2018Understanding the physicochemical properties of some imidazolium and morpholinium ionic liquids by studying photophysical processes in these mediaKhara, Dinesh ChandraSamanta, Anunay