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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
25-Jan-2021Celebrity Endorsement and Attributes of Celebrity A Pragmatic Study with Reference to KarnatakaTharak Ram Singh, LRenganathan, R
17-Oct-2016Investigations on fluorescence quenching of 2 3_diazabicyclo_2 2 2_oct_2_ene by certain antioxidants and biomoleculesAnbazhagan, VRenganathan, R
26-Sep-2012Investigations on the Photoinduced Interaction of Certain Porphyrins, Xanthene Dyes and Albumins with Colloidal CdX (X = Sulphur, Selenium and Tellurium) Semiconductor NanoparticlesAsha Jhonsi, MRenganathan, R
17-Oct-2016Investigations on TiO2 mediated photocatalytic oxidation of certain nucleic acid componentsDhananjeyan, M RRenganathan, R
13-Oct-2016Job attitudes and job satisfaction of women employees in tourism and service sector a statistical analysisRenganathan, RHariharan, S
13-Oct-2016Kinetic and mechanistic investigations on the oxidation of certain indoles by peroxodisulphateKalyanasundharam, SRenganathan, R
18-Oct-2016Kinetic and mechanistic investigations on the oxidation of certain indoles by peroxomonosulphateChandramohan, GRenganathan, R
19-Oct-2016Kinetic and mechanistic investigations on the oxidation of certain uracils by Ce_iv_Lakshmi, SRenganathan, R
2-Mar-2016Strategic framework for providing enhanced customer experience in telecom broadband servicesAnand, MRenganathan, R
18-Oct-2016Studies on photocatalytic reactions of certain organic molecules and fluorescence quenching of porphyrins in zeolite environmentKandavelu, VRenganathan, R