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18-Dec-2015Metal complexes in chemistry 2 amino acetophenone isonicotinoyl hydrazone as a complexing reagent for the spectrophotometric determination of transition metal ions of biological and industrial importanceGangadharappa,M.Reddy,P. Raveendra
18-Dec-2015New analytical method development for the active pharmaceutical ingredients in bulk and in their formulations by visible spectrophotometryPathi,P. JanakiReddy,P. Raveendra
28-Dec-2015Polarography of organic compounds a polarographic investigation of p nitroacetophenone isonicotinoyl hydrazide and p nitroacetophenone isonicotinoyl hydrazoneReddy,P. RaveendraRao,S. Brahmaji
18-Dec-2015Qualitative and quantitative analysis of pharmaceutical products by using liquid chromatographyReddy,L. BhaskarReddy,P. Raveendra
18-Dec-2015Spectrophotometric determination of selected drugs in pharmaceutical preparationsReddy,M. PurushothamReddy,P. Raveendra
18-Dec-2015Spectrophotometric investigations on metal ions in aqueous solutions studies on the colour reactions of 2 hydroxy 3 methoxy benzaldehyde thiosemicarbazone with some metal ionsSreevani,I.Reddy,P. Raveendra
18-Dec-2015Spectrophotometric investigations on transion metal complexes studies on the colour reactions of 2 hydroxy 3 methoxy benzaldehyde thiosemicarbazone with some transition metal ionsKumar,A. PraveenReddy,P. Raveendra
18-Dec-2015Studies in organic polarography electrochemical studies on substituted benzaldehyde isonicotinoyl hydrazonesReddy,P. RaveendraRao,S. Brahmaji
18-Dec-2015Synthesis and electrochemical studies of some anti tuberculosis compounds electrochemical and spectrophotometric studies on substituted benzaldehyde isonicotinoyl hydrazonesReddy,T. VeeraReddy,P. Raveendra
18-Dec-2015Synthesis characterization and biological evaluation of some nitrogen containing compoundsReddy,B. SurendraReddy,P. Raveendra