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27-Mar-2019An investigation on the synthesis characterization in vitro biological and catalytic activities of binuclear and mesoporous schiff base cu ii ni ii complexes and cuo nanoparticlesMalathy MRajavel R
8-Apr-2019Copper ii schiff base complexes immobilized silica matrix for catalytic applicationsAnbarasu GRajavel R
29-Aug-2019Development of mineralized bio ceramic coatings on implant substrate by electrodeposition methodChozhanathmisra MRajavel R
27-Mar-2019Development of mineralized hydroxyapatite metal oxide duplex layer coatings on magnesium alloy for orthopedic applicationsMurugan NRajavel R
27-Mar-2019Development of rare earth minerals substituted hydroxyapatite mgo dual layer coating on passivated surgical grade stainless steel for biomedical applicationsSathishkumar SRajavel R
16-Oct-2015Dna interaction and antibacterial activity of mononuclear schiff base metal complexes derived from o phenylenediamine derivatives synthesis and spectral characterizationMaheswaran PRajavel R
17-Feb-2020Dna interaction antibacterial and anticancer activity of mononuclear schiff base metal complexes derived from heterocyclic amines synthesis and spectral characterizationThamaraikannan TRajavel R
27-Mar-2019Electrochemical deposition of halloysite nanoclay polymer nanocomposite on low nickel stainless steel for corrosion resistance coatingKarthikeyan PRajavel R
17-Feb-2020Homo binuclear transition metal complexes of schiff base ligands synthesis spectral characterization and biocidal investigationJayalakshmi RRajavel R
20-Aug-2014Hydrogeological investigations at Belur Salem district Tamil naduRajavel RThirumurthi S
27-Mar-2019Macrocyclic schiff base metal complexes synthesis spectral characterisation density functional theory and cytotoxicity explorationsMuthukumar MRajavel R
10-Sep-2020Parallelized computational methods for improved feature selection and classification of cancer typesLokeshwari Y VRajavel R
27-Mar-2019Spectral characterization molecular modeling and bioactivity of homo and hetero binuclear schiff base metal complexes derived from 3 5 dichloro 2 hydroxyacetophenoneBhoopathy R. PARajavel R
16-Oct-2015Spectral investigation and biological assessment of new binuclear transition metal complexes of 2 6 diaminopyridine based binucleating schiff base derivativesUsharani MRajavel R
9-May-2015Synthesis of homobimetallic copper second nickel second and oxovanadium four schiff base complexes evaliation of dna binding cleavage radical scavenging and antimicrobial activitySakthilatha DRajavel R
16-Oct-2015Synthesis spectral characterization and biological evaluation of new binuclear metal 2 complexes of onno chelating tetradentate schiff base derived from 3 3 dihydroxybenzidineAkila ERajavel R
13-Mar-2015Synthesis spectral characterization DNA cleavage and in vitro microbiological evaluation of symmetrical macrocyclic binuclear schiff base complexesSandhanamalar DRajavel R
27-Mar-2019Synthesis spectral characterization dna interaction and antimicrobial studies of schiff base metal ii complexesAshokan RRajavel R
24-Apr-2014Synthesis spectroscopic studies DNA cleavage and antibactrial activity of binuclear copper nickel and oxovannadium schiff base complexesMahalakshmi NRajavel R
24-Apr-2014Synthesis, charization, DNA interaction and antimicrobial studies of homo and heterotrinuclear schiff base compleses derived from 2- AminobenzaldehydePrasad SRajavel R