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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
13-Oct-2016Adsorption and catalytic properties of activated carbon inert oxides and inorganic ion exchangersHinaQureshi, Mohsin
28-Dec-2015Detection determination and separation of organic pollutants containing tertiary NitrogenSulaiman, Afsar MohammedQureshi, Mohsin
21-Oct-2015Detection, determination and separation of metal ions with special reference to iron, titanium, aluminum and berylliumRawat, Jagdish PrasadQureshi, Mohsin
15-Dec-2015Paper chromatography of metal ions in some aqueous and non_aqueous systemsKhan, FahmidaQureshi, Mohsin
21-Oct-2015Paper chromatography of metal ions with special reference to antimony tin and mercuryKhan, Mukhtar AhmadQureshi, Mohsin
14-Dec-2015Physicochemical Studies on Clays and SoilsSingh, NamitaQureshi, Mohsin
15-Dec-2015Separation and determination of substances using chromatography, spectrophotometry and ion exchangeMathur, Kishore NarainQureshi, Mohsin
28-Dec-2015Separation of metal ions by paper chromatography with special reference to ironAkhtar, Syeda IqbalQureshi, Mohsin
14-Dec-2015Separation of Metal Ions on Ion-Exchange Materials and the Synthesis of A New Inorganic Ion ExchangerHusain, Syed WaqifQureshi, Mohsin
19-Oct-2015Separation of some metal ions of the indigenous drugs by paper chromatography and paper electrophoresis and synthesis of a new ion exchangerIsraili, Amil HusainQureshi, Mohsin
14-Dec-2015Some analytical applications of ion_exchange materialsHusain, KhadimQureshi, Mohsin
14-Dec-2015Some studies of inorganic ionexchangers based on silicon and tantalumThakur, Jagat SinghQureshi, Mohsin
9-Nov-2015Some studies on inorganic ion exchangers based on lead, antimony and siliconSunandamma, YeturuQureshi, Mohsin
23-Dec-2015Studies on color reactions of organic compoundsKhan, Iftekhar AhmedQureshi, Mohsin
15-Dec-2015Studies on inorganic ion exchangers based on molybdenum and siliconRizvi, Syed Nasir AbbasQureshi, Mohsin
23-Dec-2015Studies on ion exchangers for the separation and detection of compoundsQureshi, Saidul ZafarQureshi, Mohsin
20-Oct-2015Studies on ion_exchange materials with special reference to stannic tungsto arsenate and niobium antimonateKhan, TauheedaQureshi, Mohsin
18-Oct-2015Studies on organic and inorganic ion exchange materialsKaushik, Ramesh ChandQureshi, Mohsin
15-Dec-2015Studies on soil colloid pesticide interactionsGupta, Girraj KishoreQureshi, Mohsin
14-Dec-2015Studies on solid state reactions of analytical importanceMohammad, AliQureshi, Mohsin