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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
18-Oct-2016Immobilization of cholesterol esterase cholesterol oxidase and peroxidase onto glass beads and its application for determination of serum cholesterolMalik, VinitaPundir, C S
17-Oct-2016Immobilization of sorghum oxalate oxidase on affixed glass beads for determination of oxalate in biological materialsKumari, MeenaPundir, C S
18-Oct-2016Immobilization of uricase and peroxidase onto glass beads for quantification of serum or urine uric acidBhargava, Ajay KumarPundir, C S
17-Oct-2016Immobilization properties and applications of chloride ion insensitive oxalate oxidase purified from gain sorghum leavesMakkar, ManishaPundir, C S
7-Oct-2020Preparation and characterization of urease nanoparticles and their application in construction of an improved potentiometric urea biosensorJakhar, SeemaPundir, C S
25-Apr-2013Preparation of amperometric glycated hemoglobin biosensor based on zinc oxide nanoparticles fructosyl amino acid oxidase conjugateSheetal ChawlaPundir, C S
17-Oct-2016Preparation of an amperometric biosensor for lactate determination and its comparison with enzymic colorimetric method employing immobilized lactate oxidaseSuman, SumanPundir, C S
9-Oct-2020Preparation of an amperometric triglyceride biosensor based on zinc oxide nanoparticles bound enzymesNarang, JagritiPundir, C S
18-Oct-2016Purification and characterization of oxalate oxidase from sorghum leaves and its use for urinary oxalate analysisSatyapal, SatyapalPundir, C S
17-Oct-2016Purification characterization and immobilization of oxalate oxidase for urinary oxalate determinationKuchhal, Naresh KumarPundir, C S
28-Mar-2013Purification, characterization and clinical application of a membrane bound oxalate oxidase from leaves of Bougainvillea glabraTulika DahiyaPundir, C S
18-Oct-2016Studies on an enzyme electrode using sorghum leaf oxalate oxidase for determination of oxalate in biological materialChaudhary, ReetiPundir, C S
17-Oct-2016Studies on oxalate oxidase from amaranthus leaves upon immobilization on to suitable supportRani, LalitaPundir, C S