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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
17-Oct-2016Allozyme variation in natural populations of some drosophilidsYadav, JayaparkashParkash, Ravi
18-Oct-2016Analysis of genic variation in three cosmopolitan drosophila species populationsShamina, ShaminaParkash, Ravi
14-Oct-2016Climatic selection and adaptation of quantitative and allozymic traits in Indian geographical population of diverse drosophila speciesChutani, SarikaParkash, Ravi
14-Oct-2016Ecological and evolutionary adaptations under environmental stress drosophila as a modelDayal, DauParkash, Ravi
14-Oct-2016Ecological genetic basis of adaptive quantitative traits in various drosophilidsDev, KapilParkash, Ravi
17-Oct-2016Ecological genetics and climatic adaptations of Indian drosophila species and populationsBhardwaj, ArchanaParkash, Ravi
16-Apr-2015Ecological genetics and mechanistic basis of stress resistance traits in indian drosophilidsDivyaParkash, Ravi
14-Oct-2016Ecological genetics of fitness related traits in natural populations of Indian DrosophilidsSingh, ShamaParkash, Ravi
14-Oct-2016Ecological genetics of melanism and fitness related traits in drosophila species and populationsRajinder, JyotiParkash, Ravi
14-Oct-2016Ecological genetics of melanism desiccation resistance and thermal stress adaptations in drosophila species and populationsSharma, VineetaParkash, Ravi
18-Oct-2016Ecological genetics of quantitative traits in drosophilaSingh, ManvenderParkash, Ravi
15-May-2015Ecological genetics of spatial and temporal variations in wild and laboratory populations of Drosophila speciesKataria, NeetuParkash, Ravi
18-Oct-2016Genetic analysis of behavioural and ecological trait variability in drosophilaS D Sharma, ShrutiParkash, Ravi
14-Oct-2016Genetic differentiation in ecogeographical populations of some drosophilidsRani, InduParkash, Ravi
18-Oct-2016Genetic divergence among latitudinal populations of drosophila speciesKaran, DevParkash, Ravi
14-Oct-2016Genetic divergence of body size and ecophysiological traits in populations of some drosophilidsKalra, BhawnaParkash, Ravi
18-Oct-2016Genetic diversity and ecological adaptations in drosophila species populations from IndiaDubey, SeemaParkash, Ravi
18-Oct-2016Genetic polymorphism in natural populations of drosophila species from IndiaKumar, AshokParkash, Ravi
17-Oct-2016Genetics of isozyme polymorphism in species populations of melanogaster species group and in some related generaS K Gupta, JyoutsnaParkash, Ravi
14-Oct-2016Impact of genetic and plastic effects on climatic adaptations of drosophila speciesBabita, BabitaParkash, Ravi