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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
28-Oct-2016Assessment of soybean protein and oil as food products and ecofriendly novel value added biodegradable industrial materialsNanda, Prativa KumariNayak, P L
27-Jan-2017Castor-Oil based interpenetrating polymers networks - Synthesis and characterizationPanda, Santhosh KumarNayak, P L
27-Jan-2017Chelation ion exchange thermal and fungicidal properties of synthetic resins derived from the derivatives of hydroxyl acetophenonesPradyumna, ChoudhuryNayak, P L
12-Feb-2018Design synthesis and characterisation of polycaprolactone based biodegradable polymers for controlled drug delivery applicationsSahoo, SarmilaNayak, P L
25-Jan-2018Grafting Vinyl monomers onto wool and silk fibersSamal, ShashadharNayak, P L
27-Jan-2017Kinetics of metal ion oxidation of organic compounds in solutionPratihari, Hemanta KNayak, P L
10-Jan-2018Kinetics of oxidation of organic substrates involving some metal and nonmetal ionsKhandual, N CNayak, P L
15-Feb-2018Polymers from agricultural feed stocks synthesis and characterization of novel polymers from cashewnut shell liquidDash, Naba KumarNayak, P L
27-Jan-2017Studies in high polymer systems involving trivalent manganese ionNayak, Mohan CNayak, P L
27-Jan-2017Studies in photo polymerizationSanjay Kumar, NayakNayak, P L
27-Jan-2017Studies in radiation induced graft copolymerizationBasak, AninditaNayak, P L
27-Jan-2017Studies in vinyl polymerization and photopolymerizationRay, SuparnaNayak, P L
27-Jan-2017Studies on biodegradable plastics made from soybean productsSwain, Sailendra NarayanNayak, P L
25-Jan-2018Studies on ion exchange and biomedical properties of the resins derived from derivatives of hydroxy acetophenone furfural copolymersAich, RitanjaliNayak, P L
27-Jan-2017Studies on oxidation and polymerization reactions involving some metal and non metal ionsRoy, Arun KNayak, P L
27-Jan-2017Studies on physico chemical properties of synthetic resins derived from hydroxyl and amino substituted acetophenonesNayak, Pramod KumarNayak, P L
25-Jan-2018Studies on polyurethane polyacrylate interpenetrating polymer networks synthesis and characterisationBarik, Bijaya KumarNayak, P L
30-Jan-2019Studies on resin copolymers derived from hydroxy aromatic compounds urea formaldehyde Thermal and ion exchange propertiesMisra, Sasanka KumarNayak, P L
25-Jan-2018Studies on thermal biomedical and chelating properties of synthetic resins derived from semicarbazones of hydroxy acetophenonesBastia, Tapan KumarNayak, P L
27-Jan-2017Synthesis and characterisation of phenolic regionsBurma, Shura Pratap Narendra SimhaNayak, P L