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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
26-May-2017New syntheses of heterocyclic compoundsMali, Ragho ShivaramNarasimhan, N S
29-May-2017New synthetic routes for oxygen heterocyclic compoundsParadkar, Madhusudan VamanNarasimhan, N S
12-Apr-2017Phthalides as synthons for biological active compoundsJoshi, Ravindra RNarasimhan, N S
2-Feb-2017Phthalides as synthons for natural productsChordia, Mahendra DNarasimhan, N S
16-May-2017Reactions of metal complexesKashalkar, Rajashree VikasNarasimhan, N S
17-May-2017Studies in cycloaddition reactionsKusurkar, R SNarasimhan, N S
31-Jan-2017Studies in heterocyclic compoundsChandrachood, Priyamvada SudhirNarasimhan, N S
14-Jun-2017Studies in heterocyclic compoundsDhavale, Dilip DattatrayNarasimhan, N S
17-May-2017Studies in isocoumarin synthesisKusurkar, Sudhir ShripadNarasimhan, N S
31-Jan-2017Studies in lithiation reactionsChandrachood, Sudhir PurshottamNarasimhan, N S
30-Mar-2017Studies in nitrogen heterocyclic compoundsGokhale, Ashok MahadeoNarasimhan, N S
18-Apr-2017Studies in nitrogen heterocyclic compoundsShete, Narendra RamkrishnaNarasimhan, N S
19-Apr-2017Studies in organo lithiation reactionsRanade, Arvind ChintamanNarasimhan, N S
22-May-2017Studies in synthesis of quinoline alkaloidsJoag, SushamaNarasimhan, N S
16-Mar-2017Studies in the mechanism and synthetic applications of lithiation reactionsBarve, Madhav VishnuNarasimhan, N S
20-Jun-2017Studies on a novel observation in the vilsmeier_haack reaction during the synthesis of kigelinMukhopadhyay, TriptikumarNarasimhan, N S
16-Feb-2017Studies towards the synthesis of camptothecinBonde, Bhagavat DattatrayNarasimhan, N S
17-Apr-2017Studies towards the synthesis of estrone and camptothecinSunder, N MNarasimhan, N S
28-Mar-2017Sutdies towards newer synthesis of pyridocarbazolesDambe, C VNarasimhan, N S
9-Jun-2017Synthesis and properties of gamma Ferric oxideVenkataraman, ANarasimhan, N S