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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
16-Jun-2014Pharmacological Evaluation of selected Ayurvedic, Unani and Herbal drugs for treatment of Epilepsy and Psychic depression in animal modelsAnupama, PSatyanarayana, S; Mukkanti, K
23-Jun-2014Preliminary Phytochemical and Pharmacological investigation of traditional MedicinesSumalatha, GindiRao,Chandu Babu; Mukkanti, K
3-Sep-2012Stability-indicating analytical methods for pharmaceutically active substances-montelukast sodium, pioglitazone hydrochloride, florfenicol and ceftazidime pentahydrateRashmitha, NSharma, Hemant Kumar; Mukkanti, K
13-Jun-2014Stereoselective Total Synthesis of Biologically Active Natural Products Achaetolide Panaxjapyne C, Goniothalesdiol A and ( 5 R, 6 S)- AcetoxyhexadecanolideThakur, PallaviBandichhor, Rakeshwar; Mukkanti, K
19-Apr-2012Studies directed towards the synthesis of Azoles and its derivativesPalle, SadanandamMukkanti, K; Das, Parthasarathi
19-Apr-2012Studies directed towards the synthesis of dithiocarbamates and its application in organic synthesisKatari, Naresh KumarMukkanti, K
30-Apr-2013Studies on development of chromatographic methods of extraction, separation and determination of synthetic Pyrethroids in Aqueous EnvironmentAlbaseer, Saeed S HMukkanti, K; Swamy, Y V
25-Aug-2011Studies on synthesis and evaluation of some novel halogenated heterocyclic compounds as potent chemotherapeutic agentsSudhakara Rao, GNadendla, Rama Rao; Mukkanti, K
30-Apr-2013Synthesis and biological evaluation of natural products SPF-32629A and SPF-32629BVegi, Srinivasa RaoBoovanahalli, Shanthaveerappa K; Mukkanti, K
19-Apr-2012Synthesis and biological evaluation of some new chalcones, pyrimidines and pyrazolinesSrinath, NissankararaoRajendra Prasad, Y; Mukkanti, K
5-Aug-2011Synthesis and characterization of COX 2 inhibitors and Carbazole derivativesReddy, Anumula RaghupathiMukkanti, K
23-Apr-2013Synthesis and characterization of Novel Anti-Lipidemic Agents; Studies in the synthesis of Montelukast, Olanzapine and DiltiazemChandra Sekhar BVVNMukkanti, K; Ramesh Kumar N
17-Jun-2014Synthesis and In Vitro Pharmacological Evaluation of Indoles and Alkynyl substituted Thieno Pyrimidines, Indazoles and PyrazolesGorja, Dhilli RaoMukkanti, K; Pal, Manojit
23-Jun-2014Synthesis of some Novel Fused Heterocyclic Compounds Derivatives of Indole, Piperazine and QuinazolinoneNarayana, Keetha LaxmiRajendran, C; Mukkanti, K
3-Sep-2012Synthesis, characterization and biological activities of novel hybrid molecules related to substituted hydrazones, sulphonamides and sulphonates of non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugsNakka, MamathaMukkanti, K
25-Jun-2014Synthesis, Characterization and Biological activity of NSAID derived Esters, Imides and PyrazolinesKavitha, KReddy, V Ranga; Mukkanti, K
25-Jun-2014Total synthesis of Pectinolide H, Stagonolide G and Development of New Synthetic MethodologiesDasari, RameshVenkateswarlu, Y; Mukkanti, K