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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
21-Aug-2017Benjamin disraeli the man and the political novelistPrasad, UmeshMishra, A K
21-Jun-2017Biobeneficiation to remove silica from ores and minerals magnesite ore as a case studyMohanty, Bijoy KumarMishra, A K
30-Jan-2020Characterization of citrus species of Arunachal Pradesh by karyomorphology and sds page of proteinsGogoi, MoheshMishra, A K
23-Sep-2021Dalit Consciousness in the selected works of Namdev DhasalTiwari, Manoj KumarMishra, A K
1-Nov-2017Diasporic sensibility in the novels of Bharati MukherjeeHasan, RuqaiyaMishra, A K
8-Jan-2016Diasporic sensibility in the novels of Bharti MukherjeeHasan, RuqaiyaMishra, A K
8-Feb-2016Dynamics of imagery in Keki N Daruwala s poetrySingh, RashmiMishra, A K
1-Nov-2017Dynamics of imagery in keki N Daruwallas poetrySingh, RashmiMishra, A K
17-Aug-2017Edward Albee The man of the theatre and playwrightDwivedi, Anand PrakashMishra, A K
24-Sep-2012Electron transfer in electrochemical environmentValan Bruno Cruz, AMishra, A K
1-Sep-2017Evaluation of some essential oils of angiospermic plants as volatile preservatives against fungi and insects causing deterioration of wheat during storageUpadhyay, Ravi ShankerMishra, A K
17-Aug-2017Evaluation of some plant products as herbal pesticides against fungi and insects causing deterioration of stored food commoditiesPandey, Pademdev NarayanMishra, A K
18-Aug-2017Evaluation of some plant products as natural fungicides against root rot disease of chickpeaPandey, Rajesh KumarMishra, A K
21-Aug-2017Evaluation of some plant products in protection of some fruits from fungal rottingAgrawal, DeeptiMishra, A K
22-May-2015The existential quest in the plyas of Tennessee WiliamsPandey, Sunil KumarMishra, A K
18-Aug-2017Experiments in dramatic form in the plays of Edward AlbeePandey, Shri DharMishra, A K
18-Aug-2017Exploitation of some essential oils as herbal aroma therapeutants against Aspergillus Fumigatus Fres causing aspergillosisMishra, Vinit KumarMishra, A K
29-Aug-2017Exploitation of some essential oils as herbal fumigants against post harvest biodeterioration of maizeSingh, Prashant KumarMishra, A K
14-Aug-2017Human resource productivity in China and India A case study of two wheeler automobile industriesSingh, RajeshMishra, A K
1-Sep-2017Human values in the Novels of Arun JoshiYadav, AlkaMishra, A K