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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
4-Aug-2010Efficient solid phase synthesis of hydrophobic peptides and cysteine containing cyclic peptides on a high capacity ttegda-crosslinked polystyrene supportJacob, SindhuMathew, Beena
20-Nov-2014Hormone receptor binding mimic constructed using molecular imprintingAugustine, AnjuMathew, Beena
18-Jan-2013Macro molecular characteristics on the formation and catalytic properties of cross linked polymer complexesKumar, G S VinodMathew, Beena
28-Jul-2010Macromolecular characteristics in the design of metal ion specific polymerGeorge, BiniMathew, Beena
20-Jul-2010Macromolecular characteristics on the binding of rose bengal by crosslinked polymersGigimol, M GMathew, Beena
15-Jul-2010Polystyrene supported polyoxyethylene based permanganate as oxidising agentChacko, AshaMathew, Beena
15-Jul-2010Solid phase synthesis of partial sequences of rubber elongation factor protein on hexanediol diacrylate-crosslinked polystyrene supportNair, Subha VMathew, Beena
7-Aug-2014Structure reactivity correlations in polymer supported chromate oxidation reactionsThomas, Suma BinoMathew, Beena
10-Aug-2010Synthesis, characterisation and catalytic activity of polymer-supported metal complexesJose, JincyMathew, Beena
8-Jan-2013Synthesis, characterization and catalytic activity of acrylic acid based polymer metal complexesJohn, MagiMathew, Beena
27-Jun-2016Tailoring of highly specific nanostructured sorbents for drugs based on molecular imprinting technologySooraj, M PMathew, Beena
24-Jun-2016The effect of laughter Yoga on selected psycho physiological variables among the elderly clients residing in the old age homes of Kottayam DistrictMathew, BeenaAgasa, K S