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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
25-Jan-2017Fused monochloroacetic acid as a non_aqueous solventSud, Ram GopalMalhotra, K C
25-Jan-2017Fused phenol as a non_aqueous solventMahajan, Vimal PraveenMalhotra, K C
25-Jul-2017Growth at adolescence a study of the Bengali school going boysDasgupta, ParasmaniMalhotra, K C
4-May-2016Nature of complexes of lewis acids with dicarboxylic acids and their estersSehgal, Surinder MohanMalhotra, K C
25-Jan-2017Nature of the complexes of benzoin and substituted benzoins with Lewis acidsChaudhry, Subhash ChanderMalhotra, K C
25-Jan-2017Preparation and characterisation of naphthoxides of titanium _ivMahajan, Kuldip ChanderMalhotra, K C
25-Jan-2017Solution chemistry in acetic anhydride solventKatoch, Dhruvendar SinghMalhotra, K C
25-Jan-2017Solution chemistry in disulphuric acidBali, Ashok KumarMalhotra, K C
19-Apr-2016Solution chemistry in disulphuric acidPuri, Jugal KishoreMalhotra, K C
19-Apr-2016Solution Chemistry in substituted sulphuric acidsKant, KrishanMalhotra, K C
25-Jan-2017Studies on the adducts of thallium _IIIBal KrishanMalhotra, K C
25-Jan-2017Synthesis and characterisation of 4_tert_butylphenoxides of tantalum_v_ and oxovanadium_v_Bala, BrijMalhotra, K C
27-Jan-2017Synthesis of aryl oxides of aluminium _III and indium _IIIKaur, AnandjeetMalhotra, K C
25-Jan-2017Synthesis of phenoxides of some elements of group v and viSharma, NeerajMalhotra, K C