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28-Jul-2017Analysis of functions of motor nerve innervated to striated muscle studies on the structural biochemical and functional changes observed in the striated muscles after denervationDas Gupta, Satya RanjanMaiti, A K
20-Jun-2017Analysis of the functions of pedal muscles of gastropodPalit, Madan MohonMaiti, A K
28-Jul-2017Cardiovascular changes during and after hypercapniaDattachaudhuri, BasudebMaiti, A K
25-Jul-2017Cerebellar dysfunction contributes to atherogenesisSarkar, BiswarupMaiti, A K
25-Jul-2017Cerebellar influences on audiogenic seizures in RatsBandopadhyay, Sujit KumarMaiti, A K
10-Jul-2017Cerebellar modulation of cardiovascular reflexesGhosh, Tushar KantiMaiti, A K
28-Jul-2017Circulatory responses to peripheral sensitization with special reference to receptor and effector mechanism of the blood vesselsChakrabarti, IlaMaiti, A K
24-Jul-2017Effect of vasopressin on the vestibulo cerebellum for influencing cardiovascular reflexesSinha, ArunangshuMaiti, A K
21-Jun-2017Effects of cerebellar lesion on female reproductive organs in RatsManna, Mukul KantiMaiti, A K
20-Jun-2017Hematology of common Indian garden lizard calotes versicolor daudinHota, Hemanta KumarMaiti, A K
21-Jun-2017Pharmacological analysis of the functions of Fish gutSeal, UmaMaiti, A K
20-Jun-2017Physiological studies on the heart of ophicephalus punctatusDas, AnilkumarMaiti, A K
20-Jun-2017Studies on the action of antibiotics penicillin on excitable tissuesSarkar, DebjaniMaiti, A K
20-Jun-2017Studies on the blood sugar level by excitation of the central nervous systemDas, PranatiMaiti, A K
21-Jun-2017Studies on the influence of gestagen on some uterine activityDebmaulik, SuchetaMaiti, A K
10-Jul-2017The Effects of exercises in relation with cerebellum on the gastric secretory functionMaity, SwapnaMaiti, A K