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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
11-Feb-2022Parametric Inferences For Some Lifetime ModelsKumar, PawanKumar, Dinesh
26-Aug-2019Phytochemical Screening and Bioactivity of medicinally important plant species belonging to Genera Bergenia Isodon Neolitsea and SelinumKumar, PawanJawed, M.S
16-Nov-2016Poetry of dialogue and devotion _ a critical study of Som P Ranchans longer poemsKumar, PawanSharma, Roshan Lal
18-Feb-2022Reparable System Models and their Markovian AnalysisGupta, UrvashiKumar, Pawan
5-May-2022Social media usage and its influence on behavioral intention in context of beauty and wellness centres in urban punjabKaur, KulvinderKumar, Pawan
10-Feb-2020Some observations on dependency analysis of SOA based systemsKumar, PawanRatneshwar
17-Aug-2017Studies on some metal complexes of pharmaceuticals and determination of its dissolution and bioavailabilityKumar, PawanArora, Veena
11-Jan-2023Study of Optical and Magnetic Properties of Some Transition and Rare Earth Metal Doped ZnO in Low Dimensional StateKumar, PawanPandey, Praveen Chandra
20-Dec-2022Study on Membrane Parameters Involved in ZnONP Penetration and Amyloid Beta Interaction in NeurodegenerationSahu, RashmirekhaKumar, Pawan
18-Oct-2016Swantantryottar purakhyanmoolak prabandhkavyon mein dalit vimarshKumar, PawanSiwach, Vidya
25-Oct-2021Synthesis and Characterization of Antimony Sb and Bismuth Bi Based Ge Te SemiconductorsKumar, PawanSharma, Ishu and Tripathi S K
23-Mar-2015Synthesis and Characterization of Nanostructured Iron Oxide Thin Films: structural, magnetic and optical propertiesKumar, PawanKumar, Rajesh
25-Nov-2016Taxonomic study of microlepidoptera fauna of Himachal PradeshKumar, PawanSharma, Sushma
27-Jan-2017Urban India_ a sociological study of the white tiger the middleman six suspects and sacred gamesKumar, PawanGupta, Reva
22-Jan-2020Yajurved Vaajasaneyee Sanhita Bhashasastriy AdhyayanKumar, PawanSrivastava Suresh Chandra