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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
13-Oct-2020Chemical Sensors Based on Pyridyl Ionophores for Selective Determination of Some Transition Metal IonsKumar, PawanMittal, Susheel
7-Sep-2020Cost accounting _ cost control system in tyre industry_ _A comparative study of leading companies in India_Kumar, PawanSingh, H.K.
4-May-2016Cyclisation of halogenated n acylbenzylamines and related compoundsKumar, PawanKessar, S V
15-Jan-2018Deciphering Biosynthetic Machinery of Podophyllotoxin Anticancer Metabolite of Podophyllum hexandrum RoyleKumar, PawanChauhan, Rajinder Singh and Sood, Hemant
15-Apr-2021Design of Algorithms for Community Structure Detection in Real World Complex NetworksKumar, PawanRavins
13-Oct-2014Designing democratic audit: addressing political corruption in IndiaKumar, PawanAcharya, Ashok
25-Nov-2016Electric magnetic structural and mossbauer properties of mixed CoFe2O4 nano systemKumar, PawanSingh, Mahavir
30-Jan-2017Establishment and administration of minority educational institutions under Indian constitution A socio legal critiqueKumar, PawanSheoran, C P
29-Jan-2021Farmers awareness and perception regarding role of information and communication technology ICT in Indian agriculture sectorKumar, PawanKumar, Rajiv
20-Sep-2021Gurdas Ram Alam Ate Sant Ram Udasi Di Kavita Vichle Vichardharak Adharan Da Tulnatmak AdhiyanKumar, PawanKaur, Gurpreet
10-Nov-2016Industrial sickness in small scale industries in Himachal Pradesh _ a case study of three districtsKumar, PawanKumar, Suresh
23-Jun-2015Life events and schizophreniaKumar, PawanRavinder and Vohra, A K
10-Oct-2016Mahabharat ke shanti parv ka sameekshaatmak adhyayanKumar, PawanJha, Shankarji
10-Oct-2016Nirmal Verma ke katha sahitya mein Bhaartiya aur Paashchaatya DarshanKumar, PawanRawat, Yojana
26-Aug-2019Phytochemical Screening and Bioactivity of medicinally important plant species belonging to Genera Bergenia Isodon Neolitsea and SelinumKumar, PawanJawed, M.S
16-Nov-2016Poetry of dialogue and devotion _ a critical study of Som P Ranchans longer poemsKumar, PawanSharma, Roshan Lal
10-Feb-2020Some observations on dependency analysis of SOA based systemsKumar, PawanRatneshwar
17-Aug-2017Studies on some metal complexes of pharmaceuticals and determination of its dissolution and bioavailabilityKumar, PawanArora, Veena
18-Oct-2016Swantantryottar purakhyanmoolak prabandhkavyon mein dalit vimarshKumar, PawanSiwach, Vidya
23-Mar-2015Synthesis and Characterization of Nanostructured Iron Oxide Thin Films: structural, magnetic and optical propertiesKumar, PawanKumar, Rajesh