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28-Jul-2017Asphyxia and vasomotor imbalanceGhosh, SwapnaKoley, B N
28-Jul-2017Calcium channel blockers in the management of hypertension an experimental studyMallik, KrishnaKoley, B N
28-Jul-2017Cardiac nociceptors and pain some therapeutic approaches in alleviating painSinha, SuktiKoley, B N
10-Jul-2017Cardio vascular reflexes associated with distension gutMukhopadhyay, RupaliKoley, B N
10-Jul-2017Cardio vascular reflexes of gastro intestinal originMajumdar, BuddhadebKoley, B N
10-Jul-2017Cardio vascular sympathetic afferentsPal, PratimaKoley, B N
26-Jul-2017Cardiovascular physiology in experimental atherosclerosisRoy, PurnimaKoley, B N
10-Jul-2017Effect of nicotine on gut motilityRay, Bhabani SankarKoley, B N
10-Jul-2017Effect of nicotine on neuromuscular functionDatta, UtpalKoley, B N
28-Jul-2017Effects of thyroid hormone on certain metabolic activities in toad Bufo melanostictusDey, Shyam SundarKoley, B N
10-Jul-2017Electrophysiological evaluation of antibiotic blockade of neuromuscular functionBhattacharyya, SomnathKoley, B N
28-Jul-2017Respiratory depression associated with antibioticSarkar, AnjanKoley, B N
28-Jul-2017Studies of clomiphene citrate or its isomers on ovulation and decidual cell reaction in RatsGhosh, TultulKoley, B N
18-Aug-2017Studies of the efficacy of digitalis and calcium channel blocker in different types of cardiovascular disordersChaudhuri, NabenduKoley, B N
10-Jul-2017Studies on isolation toxicology and pharmacology of Indian poisonous snakesBandyopadhyay, RinaKoley, B N
25-Jul-2017Study of collateral circulation associated with occlusion of a large vessel in the hindlimb in animalSamanta, Prabhat KumarKoley, B N
28-Jul-2017Study of some aspects of the antifertility faculty of the copper intrauterine device in RatsNayyar, Sushil KumarKoley, B N
28-Jul-2017Viscero somatic reflexes following distension of urinary bladderDas, Amit KumarKoley, B N
28-Jul-2017Viscero vascular reflexes following distension of urinary bladderMedda, Bidyut KumarKoley, B N