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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
3-Oct-2013Incidence of abnormal glucose tolerance test during pregnancy, post partum and its correlation with pregnancy outcomeRawat, UshaKapoor, Mridula; Sharma, Shanjaya; Kaushik, Anil
3-Oct-2013Intravenous infusion of Tramadol: a safe labour analgesiaKalpana KumariKapoor, Mridula; Kharkwal, S; Arora, S; Sharma, Sanjaya; Mathur, B D
3-Oct-2013Intravenous infusion of Tramadol: a safe labour analgesicArya, RomaAgarwal, Usha; Kapoor, Mridula
6-Dec-2013Lipid profile changes and its cardiovascular effect in menopausal woman taking hormonal replacement therapy (H R T)Thingbaijam PanthoibiKapoor, Mridula
6-Dec-2013Liporotein profile in gases of habitual abortion and intra uterine growth retardationChuphal, BabitaKapoor, Mridula
21-Oct-2013Prevalence of Torch and HIV in Antenatal CasesPandey, GodawariSharma, Swadesh; Kapoor, Mridula; Sharma, Sanjaya
21-Oct-2013Prevalence of Torch Infections and HIV in Patients with Bad Obstetric HistoryRana pavnaKapoor, Mridula; Sharma, Sanjaya; Arora, Sunita
18-Feb-2014Progesterone challenge test in screening asymptomatic postmenopausal woman for cancer body uterusPrasad, Sujit KumarKapoor, Mridula; Arora, Sunita
8-May-2014Role of admission test as a screening procedure for perinatal outcomeGupta, PoojaKapoor, Mridula
8-May-2014Role of laproscopy in modern cynaegological diagnosisAgarwal, PoonamAgarwal, Usha; Kapoor, Mridula; Ratna
8-May-2014Role of raloxifene in prevention and treatment of post menopausal osteoporosisSood, Vijay LakshmiKapoor, Mridula
25-Sep-2013Role of Transvaginal colour doppler in cases of primary infertility as compare with endometrial biopsySachdev, NeerjaKapoor, Mridula; Agarwal, Usha; Kharkwal, Sushila
8-May-2014Role of transvaginal colour doppler in cases of primary infertility as compared with Endometrial BiopsySachdev, NeerjaKapoor, Mridula
8-May-2014Role of Ultrasonography in prenatal diagnosis of Iugr and a study of etiological factors and prenatal risks in symmetrical and asymmetrical IUCRMalhotra, RittuKapoor, Mridula
8-May-2014Routine use of oral prostaglandins E2 (P G E2) tablets for induction of labourAgarwal, AnjuKapoor, Mridula
21-Jan-2014To study the serum lipoprotein changes after hysterectomy with or without oophaerectomyGoyal, VandanaKapoor, Mridula
5-Feb-2014Toxoplasma IGG titre in women with bad obstetric historyGarg, RashmiKapoor, Mridula
11-Sep-2013Ultrasonographic evaluation of fetal cerebellar Measurements as an independent marker for estimating gestational age in IInd & IIIrd trimester of pregnancyPriyankaKapoor, Mridula; Gupta, A.K.; Sharma, Sanjay; Kharakwal, Sushila