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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
11-May-2016Colossal Dielectric Constant and MagnetoElectricity of Electrically Disordered OxidesJitendra KumarAwasthi A M
12-Sep-2014A comparative study of home loan financing by selected banks: a case study of Meerut districtJitendra KumarDayal, S
16-Jun-2020development and studies on fiber grating sensorsJitendra KumarOm Prakash
2-Sep-2014The effect of exsiontraver and elaboration of encoding on retrieval of informationJitendra KumarGupta, B S
23-Jul-2014Effect of seed treatment with GA3 and leveals of nitrogen on growth and yield of okra Abelmoschus Esculentus L MoenenchJitendra KumarSingh, Premveer
4-Jul-2013Effect of yogic practices on emotional states, concentration and academic achievement of senior secondary school studentsJitendra KumarSood, Ramana
14-Aug-2017Impact of national rural employoment guarantee scheme nregs on and socio economic asseemployement generation t creationJitendra KumarSingh, Atvir
13-Oct-2016Impact of National rural employoment guarantee scheme NREGS on employement generation and socio economic asset creationJitendra KumarSingh, Atvir
13-Jul-2015Million cities in india a geographic analysis of population characteristicsJitendra KumarSingh, Nina
6-Jul-2018Mining of human gut microbiome for glutenase coding genesJitendra KumarNar Singh Chauhan
19-Apr-2021Model Potential Study of the Electronic Properties of d Band and f Band Metals Phonon DispersionJitendra KumarVerma, M P
25-Jan-2019Molecular characterization of vaccinia virus complement control protein an immune evasion protein of vaccinia virusJitendra KumarSahu,Arvind
9-Feb-2015Poorvotaar rajyon mein nrajatiya sanggharsh aur bhartiya suraksha_ aasaam ke visesh sandarbh meinJitendra KumarSanjay Kumar
20-Dec-2013The role and contribution of raja mahendra pratap in indian freedom movementsBaghel RamnareshJitendra Kumar
1-Apr-2021Screening of Rice Genotypes Oryza sativa L for Submergence ToleranceJitendra KumarRaj Bahadur
6-Feb-2014Studies on integrated management of fruit rot diseases of solanaceous vegetables an eco friendly approchJitendra KumarMishra, D P
26-Jun-2014Studies On Manganese In Soils Of Meerut RegionJitendra KumarMalik, Rajvir Singh
18-Apr-2019Transciendentalism In the Works Of h d Thoreau A critical StudyJitendra KumarPandey Om Shiv