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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
18-Apr-2017Studies toward the total synthesis of amphidinolide X_ eicosanoid and solandelactoneYellol, Gorakhnath SGurjar, M K
16-Jun-2017Studies towards the enantioselective synthesis of oxazolomycin and litseaverticillols A_HMondal, DhananjoyGurjar, M K
2-Feb-2017Sugar nitrone based approaches for the total synthesis of biologically active polyhydroxylated pyrrolidine and piperidine alkaloids studies toward the synthesis of leustroducsin_B and some Pd mediated reactions on sugar alkynesGangaram, Borhade RamdasGurjar, M K
28-Jul-2017Synthesis of AZA analogue of CMI_977 terminal disaccharide unit of K Pneumoniae and some useful organic transformationsTalukdar, ArindamGurjar, M K
13-Feb-2017Synthesis studies towards mycolactones eupomatilone_6 and some novel compoundsCherian, JosephGurjar, M K
11-May-2017Synthetic studies toward amphidinolide E and acetogeninsMohapatra, SeetaramGurjar, M K
13-Aug-2018Synthetic studies toward Amphidinolide W and Heliconols A CChatterjee, BhaskarGurjar, M K
26-May-2017Synthetic studies toward manzacidins pondaplin and some applications of cyclopropylmethyl radicalsSankar, KGurjar, M K
18-Apr-2017Synthetic studies toward microcarpalide C_disaccharide and dicerandrolsNaga Prasad, RaviGurjar, M K
13-Jun-2017Synthetic studies toward multiplolides and crocacinsPandurang, Khaladkar TusharGurjar, M K
18-Apr-2017Synthetic studies toward nagahamide A sanglifehrin A L_ido_carba_sugars and hydroxyglimepirideChaudhuri, Siddhartha RayGurjar, M K
27-Aug-2018Synthetic studies toward new a glucosidase inhibitors penarolide sulfate A1 Schulzeines B and CBhattasali, DebabrataGurjar, M K
13-Jun-2017Synthetic studies toward peloruside A clavosolides and temperature dependent isomerisation versus net fragmentation of secondary allylic alcohols with Grubbs catalystYakambram, PedduriGurjar, M K
20-Aug-2018Synthetic studies toward Schulzeines B and C S and R Plakolide APramanik, ChinmoyGurjar, M K
31-Jan-2017Synthetic studies toward slagenins B and C some rigid bicyclo heterocyclic scaffolds and histrinicotoxin 235ABera, SmritilekhaGurjar, M K
29-May-2017Synthetic studies toward superstolide A centrolobinfe and some radical rearrangementPal, RitaGurjar, M K
18-Apr-2017Synthetic studies towards the CMI_977 Calditol and CalanolideReddy, Bethi SridharGurjar, M K