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18-Aug-2017Impact of agrochemicals domestic and carpet industrial wastes on phytoplankton diversity and nutrients status of ponds at bhadohiMishra, PiyushGupta, A K
1-Nov-2017Impact of anthropogenic activities on phytoplankton diversity primary productivity and nutrient status of eutrophicated ponds at VaranasiMishra, KavitaGupta, A K
17-Aug-2017Impact of dust and automobile emissions on phytochemistry of road side herbs in VaranasiSingh, Abhay NarayanGupta, A K
22-Jul-2021Impact of foreign direct investment on performance of telecom sector in IndiaSharma, SakshiGupta, A K
18-Aug-2017Impact of pesticides used in different crops on ecological phytochemical changes in Phyllanthus NiruriUpadhyay, VibhaGupta, A K
14-Aug-2017Impact of sewage on rhizosphere affecting the morphology and grain production in Pisum Sativum and Cicer ArietinumSingh, PreetiGupta, A K
11-Apr-2016Investigations on high Tc superconducting thin filmsKumar, VijayGupta, A K
9-Oct-2015Medicinal plants of Hamirpur district H P IndiaSeema DeviGupta, A K
21-Oct-2013Normal Sagittal Diameter of Cervical Spinal CanalNarad, Kamal KSaxena, H N; Gupta, A K; Tripathi, R P
11-May-2015Profiling of inkjet printer inks from printed documents by using instrumental techniquesSharma, RashmiGupta, A K
22-Apr-2014Radiological Assesment of Chronic Low Back acheShivastav, Suresh KumarGupta, A K; Gupta D K
27-Aug-2013A RAdiological evaluation of the Conventional Barium meal follow through examination and double contrast small bowel Bsrium Enema in intestional tuberculosisSrivastava, Pradeep KumarGupta, A K; Mishra, D N
20-Jun-2017Role of N glycosylation in epitope presentation immunogenicity and maturation of JE virusLad, Vaibhavi JGupta, A K
8-May-2014Role of progesterone in the treatment of ureteric CalculusMalhotra, RajkumarAgarwal, S L; Gupta, A K
25-Sep-2013Role of real time B scan ultrasound in ocular and orbital pathologyAgarwal, PradeepMisurya, Vijay; Jain, B S; Gupta, A K
8-May-2014Role of real time b-scan ultra sound in ocular and orbital pathologyAgarwal, PradeepMisurya, Vijay; Jain, B S; Gupta, A K
21-Aug-2017Role of riparian herbs in conservation of soil and nutrients along Varuna river corridor A case studySingh, Sanjay KumarGupta, A K
8-May-2014Role of ultrasound in bleeding per vaginum in early pregnancyRampal, ShipraGupta, A K; Agarwal, U; Kumar, G
1-Jun-2022Structural and Biocidal Studies of some Metal Complexes of Schiff Bases and Transition SeriesSingh, Ram NarainGupta, A K