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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
11-Oct-2017An ergonomic study on occupational health hazards of Indian footwear making workers and its managementAra, TarannumGangopadhyay, Somnath
22-Sep-2017An ergonomic study on occupational health problems of Indian public transport workers of Kolkata and their suggestive remedial measuresDev, SamratGangopadhyay, Somnath
22-Sep-2017An Ergonomic study on occupational health problems of women engaged in chikan embroidery in West Bengal and its probable managementChakrabarty, SabarniGangopadhyay, Somnath
1-Nov-2017Ergonomic evaluation and modification of existing work organizations of some unorganized sectors to study the improvement in productivity health and safety of the post modified sectorsGhosh, TirthankarGangopadhyay, Somnath
14-Jun-2017Ergonomic study on work environment and work mode as causative factors for accident during manual material handlingGhoshal, GoutamGangopadhyay, Somnath
14-Jun-2017Ergonomics and occupational health studies of workers engaged in heavy load handlingDas, TamalGangopadhyay, Somnath
15-Dec-2017Ergonomics study on occupational health problems of porters of central market area in Calcutta and probable intervention strategies for the improvement of productivitySarkar, KrishnenduGangopadhyay, Somnath
28-Jul-2017Ergonomics study on the prevalence of musculo skeletal disorder MSD among the preadolescent agricultural workers potato cultivators of West BengalDas, BanibrataGangopadhyay, Somnath
18-Aug-2017Integrated ergonomics and occupational health studies on workers engaged in manual material handling to improve productivity safety and healthGangopadhyay, SomnathSen, Rabindra Nath