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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
8-Jan-2016Lanthanide complexes of Schiff basesDas, Bibhas RanjanDutta, R L
8-Jan-2016Ligating properties of schiff bases derived from 2_benzoyl pyridineDe, KuntalaDutta, R L
8-Jan-2016Metal complexes of hydrazone Schiff basesSarkar, Achintya kumarDutta, R L
8-Jan-2016Metal ion promoted addition of alcohols to phenyldicyandiamidesSingh, Akoijam ManiharDutta, R L
8-Jan-2016Mixed ligand complexesSarkar, SukumarDutta, R L
7-Jan-2016Reactions of metal acetylacetonatesPal, Anil KumarDutta, R L
8-Jan-2016Studies in chelate complexes oxo_vanadium IVSengupta, Gobinda PrasadDutta, R L
8-Jan-2016Studies in copper_II mixed chelatesBanerjee, Sankar PrasadDutta, R L
8-Jan-2016Studies on mixed chelates of transition metalsBhattacharya, AnjanaDutta, R L
8-Jan-2016Vanadium chelatesGhosh, SaktiprosadDutta, R L