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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
2-May-2017Invertigation of some phosphorothionates and related compounds having pesticidel activitySarkar, AnupamDas, Bimal Kumar
3-May-2017Investigation on i chemical insecticidal toxicological and other biological activities of some organophosphorus compounds and ii toxicity of some pesticides on Danio Rerio HamiltonBhattacharya, Bimal KisorDas, Bimal Kumar
3-May-2017Investigation on some 2 Alkylamido 6 Bromo 4ft 1 3 2 Benzodioxaphosphorin 2 Sulphide having pesticidal activitiesLahiri, Amresh ChandraDas, Bimal Kumar
3-May-2017Investigation on some 2 Alkylamido 6 chloro Nitro 4H 1 3 2 Benzodi oxaphosphorin 2 Sulphides having pesticidal activitiesDas Gupta, JhinukDas, Bimal Kumar
1-May-2017Investigation on some organophosphorus compounds having pesticidal activitiesMisra, SutapaDas, Bimal Kumar
20-Jun-2017On the electronic structure spectra and reactivity of some II electron systemsDas, Bimal KumarKhastgir, H.N.; Basu, Sadhan and Palit
1-May-2017Studies on i fungicidal and toxicological properties of saligenin cyclic phosphoramidothionates and ii toxicological effects of some pesticides on AlgaeSamad, AbdulDas, Bimal Kumar
1-May-2017Studies on i insecticidal toxicological and other biological properties of some saligenin cyclic phosphorus compounds and ii cytological effects of some pesticides on plants and animalsGuha, SharmilaDas, Bimal Kumar
3-May-2017Studies on some organophosphorus compunds having pesticidal activities chloro saligenin cyclic phosphoramidothionatesRoy, Probir KumarDas, Bimal Kumar
2-Aug-2018Studies on the relationship between mineral deficiency and metabolic processes in plant tissuesDas, Bimal KumarSen, S P