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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
24-Sep-2014Pig liver acetone powded PLAP mediated enantioselective synthesisPeddinti, Rama KrishnaBasavaiah, D
7-Apr-2011Studies in applications of the baylis-hillman adductsMuthukumaran, KBasavaiah, D
29-Mar-2011Studies in synthesis of heterocyclic molecules using the baylis-hillman adductsRao, Jamjanam SrivardhanaBasavaiah, D
28-Mar-2011Studies towards novel applications of the baylis-hillman chemistrySharada, D SBasavaiah, D
11-Jul-2016Studies towards understanding the scope of TICL4 mediated baylis hillman reaction and synthesis of pyrazole frameworks using baylis hillman bromidesRoy, SuparnaBasavaiah, D
29-Mar-2011Synthesis and applications of novel chiral catalysts containinc N-P-O structural framework for the borane-mediated asymmetric reduction of prochiral ketonesReddy, Gone JayapalBasavaiah, D
14-Aug-2012Synthesis of heterocycles & carbocycles using baylis-hillman adducts and synthesis of indene-spiro-oxindoles using tandem prins and friedel-crafts reactionsReddy, Kanumuri RameshBasavaiah, D
12-Sep-2018The baylis hillman bromides and carbonates in organic synthesis development of novel methodologies for spirooxindoles containing dihydrofuran epoxide and nitrone frameworksBadsara, Satpal SinghBasavaiah, D
24-Sep-2014Towards development of novel methodologies for synthesis of heterocycles using the baylis hillman adductsSatyanarayana, TummanapalliBasavaiah, D
14-Aug-2012Towards development of novel strategies for synthesis of fused heterocyclic and carbocyclic frameworks and himanimide a using baylis hillman adductsKunche, AravinduBasavaiah, D
5-Jul-2016Towards synthesis of spiro oxindoles and propellano bislactones using the baylis hillman adductsVeerendhar, AinellyBasavaiah, D
8-Jul-2016Towards the synthesis of chromanone and benzochromanone frameworks using the baylis hillman bromidesAnupama, PandrangiBasavaiah, D