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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
10-Feb-2015Cation exchance and related studies with molecular sievesPrakash, JayaBanerjee
9-Feb-2015Cation exchange and adsorption studies with synthetic molecular sieve hydrophiliteBhattacharya, SangeetaBanerjee
18-Feb-2015Chemical and antimicrobial studies of plant products and other organic compoundsMishra, SandhyaBanerjee
9-Feb-2015Fatty acid profiles from some oil seeds and preparation of oleochemicalsThakur, SangeetaBanerjee
3-May-2021Heterogeneous Nano Catalysts in Organic SynthesisPayra SumenBanerjee
10-Feb-2015Investigation of the copmplexes of cobalt and nickal with some hydroxy phenols phenolic acids and aminesShukla, Upendra nandanBanerjee
10-Feb-2015physico chemical studies of molybdic oxidsSeshaiahBanerjee
10-Feb-2015Studies of zeolite molecular sievesKhare, Ajay KumarBanerjee
10-Feb-2015studies on active principles of lipids from some aquatic and terrestrial sourcesSingh, SumanBanerjee
10-Feb-2015studies on lipidsDas, SumanaBanerjee
10-Feb-2015Studies on natural products with special reference to fatty and defatty componentsDubey, VibhaBanerjee
10-Feb-2015Studies on water pollution in some coal mining areas of madhya pradeshPathak, VandnaBanerjee
10-Feb-2015Studies with zeolite molecular sievesPathak, AlekhaBanerjee
18-Feb-2015Synthesis and studies of new phosphatic derivatives of alumina silicatesPimplapure, SandhyaBanerjee
10-Feb-2015Synthesis and study of new zeolotes derivatives from natural sourceChoudhary, AbhilashaBanerjee